Sunday, June 29, 2008


December 5, 2007

Psychedelic waves bouncing through my head

blues and reds form mystical visions

of things unsaid

feeling trippy

feeling fine

feeling good

all the time

peace my brotha

everything is swell

tree huggin' fools

secrets they do tell

be good to the animals

Peta will not have a say

ahhhhhhhhh the sunrise

its time to play

running through the fields

rainbows and ribbons

dance through my mind

feelin' trippy

feelin' good

feelin' fine

my mind is seeks not

altering vibes

weed, mushrooms

take away my good time

come join my journey

be a part of my parade

this good feelin'

leads to an orgasmic


feelin' trippy

feelin fine

hypnotic, psychedelic joy ride

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