Sunday, June 15, 2008


Do we realize how much we are loved by God? In that love, do we know that he has put all we need to overcome and be victorious into our spirit? There are days when I don't feel I can live up to that love. I don't deny it. I know its there. I know God loves Rhonda B. I KNOW He loves me. God Loves me so much that he knew that I'd be fine without my mom, uncle, and aunt. He knew I'd never question he's Divinity or His love. Its His love that lives in me and want others to know His love. I continue to smile when I've been wronged. I continue to love when love isn't returned. All because of His love for me.

There are struggles that I still have and I'm working with Him to get through them. I get impatient like most children do. I'm not one who wants to wait on the"Lawd" as the old spirituals tell us. I truly believe that faith without works is dead. I work. Show me the door and I'm walking through it. These days, I'm to wait.

God is awesome. He is my all. He is who I live for.

I just wanted to honor my Spiritual Father on today.

Happy Father's Day!!!


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