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My own type of affirmation.

Yesterday - bought me a pencil skirt, fishnet hose.....

Last week - bought me another scale and I've only gotten on it once

Today - I plan to be usual.

All this to say, there is a return to the confidence had when I was in my twenties...

No, my body isn't as fly as I would like but as India isn't her hair, I'm not my body.

I'm still curvy. I still can pull it together.

I am one of God's greatest creations.

I's be fly.

The R.

nasty me

Dippin' into your fantasy
nasty as I wanna be
lick you there kiss you here
pull me close, pull me near
close your eyes
and you will see
the other side, naughty me
Pretend as you will
late at night
I'm your thrill
Cleverly I am to thee
your chocolate
sexy fantasy

limited words

What more can be said but this
as I move, you are moved
as I speak, you are touched
as I breathe, you live
There are days when words are limited
too simple to manifest truth
What more can be said but this
I am the real thing
prayed for
hoped for
you make me sing songs
45s spin
I dance
even alone, you dance with me
No need to say no more than this
we never have to be
to exist

The Magic of Music....

I was in the mood tonight of really listening to some music. From the trippy music of Massive Attack and Enigma to some Stevie Wonder and the Isley Brothers. The music has carried me through a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. I'm moved. I'm driven.

You know that a person has you in their grasp just when they start the first lyric. Marsha from Floetry, Howard Hewett, Maxwell....Stevie again. Wow. Tamia's "Stranger in My House" still can bring me to tears as if that song was written for me.

Then move to The Ramones even... there's the little punk girl in me dying to get out and just RELEASE...Rhonda is a Punk Rocker. :)

I'm so drawn to expressive people. I'm allowed to escape or to discover me in a verse, a hook, or in the simplicity of a piano with just a voice flowing along.

Its so magical to listen to a lyric that expresses that moment....its spiritual. Its meant to be.

I'm truly rediscovering my love for music again after a decade of hav…

My love/hate issues with the return of Britney Spears

Ok. I know some folks are gonna say - who cares right? Well, I do actually. Britney Spears was played in my household when my daughter was a tween and I did pay attention to the demise of Britney. My concern started when she was pregnant with the second child and was conducting an interview with Matt Laurer. I remember having a long convo on about this interview. The Org was as cruel as usual. They sliced her up from her hair to her clothes to her chipped fingernail polished. Britney looked a hot mess but I kept trying to point out the look in her eyes. Something was wrong. This was more than Britney making bad life decisions. This child was lost.

Britney has the baby and then we see her lose her mind. She starts hanging with Paris, she stops wearing underwear, she stays high, she strips, she cuts her hair, etc. etc. etc. She forgets she's a mother.

What happen? (shrug) I don't know the girl but there was a part of me that understood. I understood her…


My days go by without a thought
of u and I
as I push u out of my mind
I move to reality, letting fantasy
have its way with fairy tales, moonbeams, and unicorns
away from me
but when my tried body finds rest
U appear
Unable to turn away, to dream a different dream
I face YOU
facing the fact that you have captured
a space in my mind
every time I close my eyes
you appear
holding me, making me laugh
and being
a new day dawns
and I open my eyes and return
to moving away from fantasy

convo at starbucks

Convo at Starbucks.....
Met a friend at Starbucks for a chat about developing a program. He's interested in "doing something with youth". I have no idea when I became the expert at program development but I think I need to start a consulting firm but anyway. The convo was interesting. There was a frustration coming from him about complacency in community involvement, frustration in religion and also with dating. Too funny. I feel him. Starting with dating. I was sitting at Life Jam and a new friend says, "I just don't understand why you're single." grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I just smiled and said, "Yeah, me either." Singlehood isn't a curse but you would think I had coodies. Why am I single? Don't know. I'm tired of the question so much so that I would date just so I don't have to hear it again. ha! I've really tried not to be one of those chicks that think men are intimidated by me. I think that's a lame asc…


Today I am free. Well, maybe I was just reminded that I'm free. I'm free to believe and hope and simply know. The country is full of hope and it feels good. I'm proud of my country but this was Barack's presidency to be won. When his grandmother died, I knew, this was is destiny. So I am free to believe and know that my destiny is fulfilled even though the journey is not over....this is called HOPE. So with Hope, I truly wish we embrace our freedom. I mean the freedom to be ourselves and be proud who we are individually and collectively.

God has made me strong (as much as I complain about is what it is), insightful and discerning. This is me. I'm free to be me. This is the liberty I have in Christ, in being aware, and in being honest.

Let Hope live in each one if us. Let us be Free.

The First Family of the United States of America

My vote - November 4th, 2008

I took a pic of my vote to record this moment in history.

Get your exorcism on!!

I was watching the show "The Real Exorcist" and it was a little like...yeah whatever but sometimes it was a little damn creepy. What I found interesting was how seemingly powerless these demons where (ok...yeah...i know....just keep reading) when approached by the "exorcist" but how bound up the possessed person was.

The interesting this is a really do believe in some of this stuff so I watched. Watching some of the people almost hold onto the demon is what I really found interesting. Do we hold onto our pain because we think we have nothing to fill in? I think so. I know some of my clients LOVED drama. It was like the sought after it but it was all they've known. They really didn't want to let go. There are so many things I want to kick out the door. Peace is a beautiful thing. Operating in crazy is just that - CRAZY!

If you notice in the bible when it speaks of peace and faith, its almost like you have to go to war to protect it. "Fight t…


you know the saying....let it go and if it comes back...blah, blah, blahDon't you hate when you have to operate in cliches. Well here I am. Letting it go and believing that God's plan is better than mine. Believing that God will make it all work for good and that all things will be fine. So, I'm letting it go. Fly away. Have a good one. You are harmful to me in ways you don't even know because its all really about you. Sad but so true. Maybe while away, you'll learn some important lessons about not mistreating others. You can't protect yourself at the cost of others. That's lame. Its immature. Its selfish. Its sad. Its weak. Very weak. Its a punk move. Happiness TRULY comes when we are honest with ourselves. When we can look in the mirror and be ok with who we are and not fake it, we will find peace. Unfortunately, there are some who are so selfish that they can't see their harm when it benefits them. Oh well. You will one day. You will r…