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convo at starbucks

Convo at Starbucks.....
Met a friend at Starbucks for a chat about developing a program. He's interested in "doing something with youth". I have no idea when I became the expert at program development but I think I need to start a consulting firm but anyway. The convo was interesting. There was a frustration coming from him about complacency in community involvement, frustration in religion and also with dating. Too funny. I feel him. Starting with dating. I was sitting at Life Jam and a new friend says, "I just don't understand why you're single." grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I just smiled and said, "Yeah, me either." Singlehood isn't a curse but you would think I had coodies. Why am I single? Don't know. I'm tired of the question so much so that I would date just so I don't have to hear it again. ha! I've really tried not to be one of those chicks that think men are intimidated by me. I think that's a lame ascertion but I have seen it occur. (sigh) So this conversation was interesting to hear a man's point of view. Very similar frustations.

Religion. I am a Christian that thinks today's practice of Christianity sucks. I think you have followers that can't read the bible for themselves, who don't challenge their leaders and who have a slave mentality. They use God as a slot machine. They are lazy. They have NO real concept of who Jesus was and what he really taught. Jesus' actions alone could teach anyone how to live. I really believe the foreclosure situation has a direct correlation with the proserity teachings of the church. We forget that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and yet, were are the servants in our community. We think there's going to be some super Anti-Christ that going to swoop in and try to destroy the Church. Well, he is alive and well in some of the doctrine being taught in some churches. We're building mega-churches with no soup kitchens or shelters. We have churches that will only help their own members or require the needy to accept Christ first before they will feed them. Wha?

Community Involvement - Folks are energized because of Obama's win but it seems folks are wandering around trying to figure out what to do. How about just making sure your child goes to school and receives the education he/she needs to make it. How about working with the teachers instead of against them? How about going back to the basic concept of RIGHT AND WRONG? Too many parents defend their children when their children was in the wrong. How about just being friendly to your neighbors? No one has to start some major org. If we all just start talking responsibility for our own - the community gets better. I enjoyed my convo at Starbucks.



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