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Year of Me

I know everyone is doing there "so long" to 2010 blog. Here is mine. What did 2010 bring me? What does reflection reveal? How should I move into 2011 with the knowledge of what I've learned?

I'm actually not really wanting to look back but not because of anything negative. This has been a balanced year, ups and downs, something better known as Life.  I want to do better at looking ahead. I want to embrace possibilities and dreams and visions and be wrapped in the hope that comes.

2011 will bring more living and I want to have a better attitude about how to live better.

I have an interesting task ahead.  For me, its not about how to handle hardships. Its about handling the good times and creating a space for beauty to be birthed and grow around me. I don't need to take on the world and prove I'm strong. I am. Its that simple. I'm assured of the visions for my future PROFESSIONALLY.

What about Rhonda?

2010, I did nothing to create FUN for myself.  Nothing. …


Its Christmas.  I've seen all the usual suspects - The Christmas slogans. "Jesus is the reason for the season", Merry CHRISTmas, blah, blah, blah. 

I understand the celebration of the birth of Christ and why people want to keep that on the forefront of every ones mind but it also seems to go against the purpose and meaning of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  He would have never wanted a day in celebration of Himself but of others and for it to happen daily. Let's every day celebrate each other and the love of this Christian Deity, this great man, this great LOVE.

Our world is becoming more and more evil and yet more and more religious. Its confusing. I pray that on May 5th, we offer love the same way.  On July 23rd, we feed the hungry.  On September, 18th we celebrate the Love of the Christ. 

Celebrate but celebrate tomorrow and next month, and next year. This Spirit should never go away.

Healing through Music, Art, and Friendship!