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New Day, Better Day.

Yesterday was way too surreal for me to even hold onto. I mean I had to deal with racism, a marriage proposal, angry friends, be the boss, be the employee, deal with money stuff...blah blah blah. It was one of those days when I didn't know if my brain could process everything coming at me. Superwoman - NOT! I mean, I was positive. I was moving forward but I recognized the negativity trying to come at me from ALL sides. Spooky Electric (gigglin') was busy yesterday. I was physically tired from the weekend. I wasn't really mentally ready for the day. It was a perfect time to try to take a punch at me. He may have gotten in a body shot but that's it. He's a loser. The victory is already mine. He such a dummy.

Anyway. Be positive. Recognize negativity when it comes your way and deflect it.

Have you had your plus sign today!!



Darkness sometimes just simply provides insight that you're on the right path. It demonstrates its ignorance and even arrogance in trying to ruin something positive, something full of love. Today, Darkness TRIED to creep in. It tried to stop us. It tried to keep us stuck.

Darkness is dumb. I'm perfectly fine with closed doors. Its no more than a sign to go in another direction.

We move forward. We stay positive. We allow the Light to have its place. We praise the Almighty.

We keep it movin'.


Complicated Love

I spent the weekend with women and you with a group of chicks, the topic of men would come up.

No male bashing took place. It was just conversations about our wants and needs and the vicious cycle we all find ourselves in sometimes.

"In love with him, not in love with her, I like her but think I love him....."

I know the battle of loving someone deeply but knowing you're really not IN love with them. I know what's like to be IN love and not having the same thing reciprocated. I know about feeling lustful desires from someone but holding back. It can all be so frustrating. We all settle on some level. "This is good enough for now." Ugh......

Love in its definition should be easy but it seems so complicated.

Yes some of the women were a little bitter and upset with the dating scene. We did talk about body image, color complex issues and interracial dating. It was interesting to listen. All of Us trying to figure out this Love thing.

Just thinking abou…

Can U have too much FuNk?

Man, I'm tired. The two nights I was in Chicago, we didn't walk in until 4am and probably didn't get to sleep until 5am. My thighs hurt. My feet continue to remind me that they need support. And I had hella fun!!

Going to see George Clinton was last minute and I'm sooooooo glad I was there. I walked in cute and left sweaty and FUNKY!! We were literally standing right in front of the stage. Its was madness. My little crew danced and sweated all night. Cool ass night.

Sunday night was "Prince Night at Berlin". Berlin is a cool little spot in Chicago that's been hosting these Prince nights for over 12 years. I think every Prince fan I know has been to a Prince night at this club. It was a cool experience that is coming to an end. Nonetheless, to watch never seen videos and hear music you didn't even know existed was PRICELESS. At one point, I just sat in a corner and closed my eyes and listened. I bounced around and did my thing. The crowd…

Makin' me rest

I've been off for the past two days. GREAT!! I needed to get away from the gig but I wasn't resting. I was working on CWUW stuff. We needed to bang out a flyer for our upcoming focus group and I had to get it done. I had a chat with a dude who wants to do a tune for our website, just revamped, a little. Then I get an email from my girl Rashida asking me WTH was I doing. She reminded me the world wasn't gonna end if I just STOPPED and relaxed.

Even planning for my weekend in Chicago, my brain is on overdrive. Actually, I'm thinking about school starts for the kid in two That sucks. Yo, wait. I'm relaxing, right.


I'm going to Chi and the kid will hold it down here. Hopefully she'll remember Zeus would like to go for a walk or at least go run at the dog park here in the complex. Sorry Zeus. Mom has to leave ya with ya sis. You'll be fine.

Uploaded some tunes on the ipod (thanks Dj Rusty, go get some tunes ya'll).

Got my gear.

And …

What is love?

What is love?
Its words unsaid
but a glance
and a smile
What is love?
Its the bird on my windowsill
assured I will cause him no harm
letting natures beauty
take center stage
What is love?
Its when daydreams, rainbows,and fairy tales
come alive with just the whisper
of your name
What is love?
Its when your smile is all I need
to know everything will be alright
What is love?
Its when desire meets passion for
the first time
and kisses lust tenderly
What is love?
Its the moment you've
realized your soul no longer
needs to look for its mate
What is love?
Its you and me
becoming one

July 25, 2008 Inspired by Love and how great it feels when you're REALLY in love and its mutual.


Anticipating your arrival ..ready to partake, ready to release, and ready to take in all of youplaying games of controlpassionfiresweatlustprofanitygiving it and taking itOh…wait…the neighborsLet them enjoy sounds…. animalistic and drivenpullingchokinglickingmovingthrivingExpressing my sexual power and you being energized by my every movementChallenging me to release HER – which I've tucke

My reflection

We are reflectionsof our desireswe pull inmove towardthe very thingwe wantwe needfeel no painfeel no guiltfor wantingwhat you wantWe are reflectionsof our hearts lovepassions flowwithout thought desires appear withouteffort but soulslong to connect withlike soulsWe are reflections of each othertiming is perfecteven though outcomesseem contrary to thelongingReflections, mirrors, love and longingallowing life to maneuver, twist and turnso that it manifestsin its proper formI am your reflection
February 23, 2008


loving the moment you first
said hello
memories abound
in precious
possibilities of worldly
loving the moment you
first looked in my eyes
and smiled
my heart loudly
roars, letting me
know that you touch
me deeply
loving the moment you said
I touch your heart and you
think about me
I'm loving the moment
I knew I loved you.

February 23, 2008

the dream

Passionately I strive to capture the vision in my heart
I toil over how and why and when
this labor is long
tiresome some days, I do feel
I seek the seed planted inside of me
I've come to terms that I will walk this path alone
I will find strength within myself
to persevere
hard days do come
but I know that I am strong enough
to carry the weight
I seek this out more than anything
Self motivation is all I have
but there are times when I need to rest
when I just want to lay my head down on
supportive shoulders
and just breathe
My dream will manifest
The plan will come forth
The birth is near

June 6, 2008 - written on my myspace blog.

Ever since I was a little girl, I also had some idea of what I wanted to do or be. It would change but I would be so focused. I wanted to be an optometrist for a few years. I was so intrigued by the workings of the eye. One day, I heard Colette Vaughn on WTLC 105.7 doing her jazz show at 10pm. Her show would start off with a plane taking off. I would listen under my…

Misery Loves Company

Generally, I'm good. I'm happy. I do have my frustrating moments (as written here in this blog) and yes, I need to make more money but I'm good. Everyday, I face what comes at me and fight for peace and positivity but people get confused with that attitude. We all talk about wanting to be happy but when some can feel that another person is genuinely happy, they are dumbfounded.

In the past week I've had folks say, "Wow, you are really happy" or "I can tell you're happy". At they say it with confusion. I learned the secret awhile ago. There's nothing wrong with being displeased about a situation but the goal is to move past the negative feelings into some solution. How do I make this better? I also realize that so many situations have been learning experiences. I understand God's hand in it all. So I look to the heavens to figure it out. You can actually hear me say, "Ok what am I suppose to learn or get from this?"


No backroom love

Neva a backroom lover
Proudly I swag your way
into the room
attention and eyes and whispers
poetically move in her direction
holding tightly
to their men
watching to see if they are
watching her
jealousy reigns
creative words become
her new tag
Who's the Bitch?
Who's the Hoe?

Desired in quiet thoughts
deep dreams
and passionate moments
Loudly, my heart trembles
in your presence
Her stride, like a gazelle
Ms Cool, if you please
Neva a backroom lover
Can't contain this vision
for private moments
They call her Queen
They call her Goddess

Like a caged animal
in a daze
My lioness
My one desire
is to be her
Intelligence surrounds
momentary conversations
given with smiles and wide eyes
Humorous and wise
confident and humble
her glow is Godly
my lust sinful
She is positivity
She is love

Neva a backroom lover
Can't be contained to secrecy
Passion, love, lust, truth, desire
can be her name
a young boy's fantasy
a grown man's dream
Envious of the Lion
who can claim her
has his Lioness
She is.........

July 22, …

honey bee

Ohio Players

drippin' honey
little honey bee
honey be me
me to you
honey off the tree
buzzin' I be
me and this tree
lickin' honey
not you but me
sticky sticky
this tree be
me be done
buzzin' away
cuz I's be
a busy little bee
onto the next tree

July 22, 2008, Inspired by over active imagination and the smile it brings......

My Journey- Bulimia: Fighting the Purge

Its that great time of the month and I'm eating like I'm expecting twins. I just over ate. To be honest, I don't know if I've really over eaten or if there's just a point when I want to purge.

I'm there.

This reminds of a co-worker who told me that he couldn't be around razors because it made him want to use. I want to just get rid of the food but its like my body wants to do it more that me. Note: I'm in a good mood. Life couldn't be better. This isn't about where I'm at emotionally but about triggers. I'm learning to deal with them.

This is what my mind is saying to me: Just get rid of the food and you'll feel better, you won't feel full and you won't digest what you just ate thus you won't gain weight.

My mind is tripping. All of that is going on and yet, I'm sane. I refuse to purge and I will quietly meditate through this feeling.

I'm walking through my healing which is a great feeling. Being ashamed or…


I wake from my slumber
my nakedness before me
as I listen to each drop
of rain
touch the ground
as for the first time
I close my eyes
and listen
thundering sounds
fill my ears
as nature speaks to creation
"I am here!"
With my window, slightly open
I feel the night time air
roll over my skin
connecting with the darkness
I close my eyes
and return to slumber.

July 22, 2008 1:53am.


Sydney and her cousin at prom

you scream from the next room
this lets me know
you have something to say
I just laugh
but ignore you
just to hear you say

What kid
What is it now
always a question
nothing has changed since
your first words
"Ma, does this look good?"
valuing my taste, my opinion
most mothers would be so envious

Jokingly, I call her a hooch
I tell her the shorts are too tight
I tell her she needs a tan, you yella chick
she then screams
I laugh again
"Ya look cute!"
I get a smile
and more chatter
another cell phone
she tells me
That makes 4-5 phones in 6 months
The resourceful kid tells me
"Ma, I can get a blackberry pearl for $50."
I just smile
"then get it!"
I say

Anxiously, she tells me that its time
mother-daughter pics
I frown and say
"Are you crazy?!"
my psychosis finds its way
into the sweetest of places
The kid demands
this must and will occur
and she is right
She is 17, her last year as "the K…

half can't make u whole

Pouring you into my
wrapped you in light
and love
part time
half time
maybe sometime
you are mine

miles away
you've lived a new
here I remain
holding it down
making it happen
for the possibility of
your return
to love me fully

Spoke with you yesterday
No word today
no promise of tomorrow
half of you I don't have
maybe even sharing quarter of you
with another
loving you is allowed
only part time
where's the half the makes me whole

july 19


I stand before the second half of my life
with all the doors wide open
as God says that he will provide
I smile and stand in confidence
of this new day

What if Mom still smiled and laughed loudly
and loved me and provided hugs everyday
What if I was never embattled with evil from the Demon Center
attempting to harm me and the women I touched
What if me and the kid never knew hunger, never knew what it was like
to have no phone, no car, no home, sometimes, the feeling of having no family
What if I never learned to trust God with my life, with just breathing
Would I see the horizon
Would I see this new day, in all of its beauty and possibilities
Would I know that all hope lies with Him

Thank you mom for letting go of this life, a life you loved, so I could be free
Thank you Demon Center for letting me go, pushing me away so I could fly
Thank you hunger and strife for letting me move from being empathy to having a
sympathetic spirit, so I could truly understand

Let me see the wondrous things life can giv…


open doors
new horizons
allows me to smile
thinking, thinking, thinking
what if, what if, what if
rainbows remind me of promises
from above
the sun, no more than
open doors
new horizons

July 19, 2008 Inspired by the smile of my kid and the future


The G

The awesomeness of God, my father, is something I can't deny. I'm a Christian, a follower of Christ. Humbly, I stand before my father and kneel but I am a god. I understand this concept when so many Christians are scared to say it. I am the image of Him. By His power and might, I can do all things.

In all of my enlightenment, I remain true to this path to righteousness.

I'll continue to read about kemetic religions, islam, and eastern philosophies and even apply some various spiritual principles in my life but Christ is Lord.
It troubles some of my peeps how have moved away from Christianity to embrace other paths of faith. I'm pleased with the few that have supported my path and journey by inspiring me to study deeply about the Essenes, Gnostics, Christian Mysticism and more.

I love Yeshua. He can't be denied by me.

Who Am I?

Whimsically I begin to paint
with such artistry
In awe, you stand
as I add
reds and blues
yellows and oranges
not knowing you are my muse

Seductively, I begin to dance
no music you can hear
and yet touching your soul
My body
twists and turns
seamless movements
speaks of love
a sound only you can hear

Creatively, I begin to write
words leap to life
with truths unsaid
but felt
a poet inspired by
a reflection of what is real
passions you can feel

Expressively, I begin to sing
with my soul meshing with song
vibrations producing positivity
a smile touches your face
understanding my love
is real
never walking away from
the chorus of your heart

Who Am I?

July 17, 2008 inspired by Emmanuel

blah, blah, blah

Yesterday, I was bitching and complaining to friends about being overwhelmed. I get tired of handling stuff. My biggest thing is that I need a new gig. Question: Do I get the high powered executive gig and run some stuff and make the money or do I get a gig that pays enough to take care of me and the kid so that I can have time to do CWUW and other stuff I want to do?
I had a bunch of stuff going through my brain and I sat and gave Rashida an ear Full. She just looked at me like, "Rhonda, shut up!" LOL

Well, today, God just said shut up and chill or something close to it. Let it all happen. I'm letting it happen. Negativity will have to stay away. I see it knocking at my door, looking in the window and it thinks I can't see it but I see ya ass. Stay away. Rhon is rolling. I may have my moments but I'm rolling.

This week, I've really been looking at my community A LOT. I think what my problem is on some level is that I've been so much about RH…

Indianapolis - Big small town

I've never really liked living here in Indy. When I was young, my goal was to leave immediately. I wanted to be a broadcaster and I didn't like this market at all. I saw then that Indianapolis was missing something.

When I had Sydney, I knew I needed to stay here. I was 22, still had another semester of school to finish and no money. I had to make the best of the city. During my 20's I was able to get out and about somewhat and enjoy some of the activities of the city. I also realized quickly that Indy is a GREAT place for children. There's always various activities for your children. Me and Syd would go all over the place. Its probably why she's always on the move still.

But something is really wrong....

What I've learned is that Indy does have a lot to offer but its the mentality of the people that's frustrating. You hear people say things like, "Indy never has anything going on." When things are going on, no one shows up. You really see it with l…

Being a Good Girl

Do you ever just wanna be bad? I mean do everything your heart desires because we all know our hearts sometimes desires things that are naughty, a little immoral and could make your burn in h-e-hockey stick, hockey stick. There are so many lines I could cross and could have so much fun being and living in the moment but that damn sense of responsibility and having a clear understanding of why delaying gratification is a good thing. But damn.

I guess when you act IN your maturity, you can see outcomes. Being the good girl is hard at times. I'm a predator on some levels. I watch my prey closely and pick the right opportunity to pounce. The seductress needs to seduce but if you open the can of worms, its very difficult trying to get those worms back into the can. There are opportunities around me all the time. I love men but ya'll do make it easy. I can never understand a woman who is clueless on how to seduce a man. Men tell it. Today's woman think its physical. …

Just some thoughts......

The ignorance continues....color complex.

Yung Berg comes out of his face to disrespect darker skinned black women. Nothing really new. Some want to brush it off as some young idiot but on the real, we've never gotta away from it. Sad. There are black men who will tell me that I'm pretty to be so dark OR that they aren't into darker skinned women but they could get into me. Believe me, this has occurred recently.

We know why this occurs. Question: when will it change? Nothing wrong with have a preference. Its natural but how do you consider your mothers, sisters, cousins and aunts unattractive because of some pigmentation and hair texture? I have this issue very close to me in my family and its really sad. Lighter is better, cuter. If you're attractive and darker, you're a fluke, a freak of nature. It really does break my heart. I'm raising an attractive lighter skinned black young woman who is well aware of young men who holla at her because she's…

Other week without the scale

YAY for Rhon!! I have NO idea what I weigh and I'm not about to kill anyone...YAY!! Humanity is safe. :)

I've had NO episodes either. No purging at all. I'm still under-eating, I think but I'm working on it. As I'm regaining a sense of self, I'm regaining a better hold of this issue.

I can safely say that my eating issues really kicked in during my parents divorce. Who said that divorce isn't hard when you're adult was a liar. They went through their thing and I don't blame them for what I was doing. I was just coping. Its never been consistent. Up and down. There were years when I didn't even think about it and others when it was like air, I needed it.

Enough of that stuff.

I'm really moving to a place of healing. With all humility, I really learning to embrace the goodness in me. I give Honor to God for it but I'm learning to not look the other way when someone offers a compliment. I really just want to be a reflection of the …


Sensuality is me
Black chocolaty deliciousness
Woman enough
not to pimp my own sexuality
Divine, beautiful and bold
Shame you ain't seen nothing this sexy
Maybe if you're lucky, ya next woman
will be
a package, high price
both lustful and lovely
given from the heart
and between
well you know
You smile at the sight
of me
You moan at the thought
of me
Yeah, maybe if you're lucky , ya next woman
will be as
fly as me
Sweet as a honey bee
Regal as a queen
If you get a peek, then you know
You've been chosen
You didn't choose
Gap toothed sex appeal
Tatted, pierced
Maybe if you're lucky, ya next woman
will tempted your imagination
make you rise
with only a suggestion
I define womanhood
and still embrace my
girly wiles
Gigglin', smilin' cuz
life is good
Maybe if you're lucky, ya next woman
will be

Ebony Covers: Black Cool

I love the concept of these covers.

Indeed, I celebrate my brothers. I love black men. I LOVE black men. I support you, admire you, and long for you. I wish ya'll loved us in the same manner. Other blog...yeah..I know.

Black Coolness in full effect.

Listed in no particular order.....

Keeping Life Positive

Life is getting better and better. Finding ways to create positive vibes around me at all times and KEEPING life positive is becoming easier and easier. Our perception of situations, people, and life can be so off base at times that we make moves purely on emotion and not on reality and creating negativity when there doesn't need to be any. You may have eyes but may not be able to see....ya heard.

For me, its all about keeping things positive and on the RIGHT track even if emotionally, I feel differently. I need to keep the positive vibes flowing my way. Thank goodness also for maturity. Maturity lets you just step back and take a different view of every situation and make Positive decisions.

Where is all this coming from? There were a couple of things that occurred on my WONDERFUL night out that made me thankful for peace and a willingness for always being on the right side of the game or at least making the attempt to be anyway. I do fall short at times. Some of my friend…

Simply in Love

Simply in love with the essence of you
I'm consumed with the possiblities of forever and the certainties of today
Heated passions, common ground are shared without strife, moving us into another level, another vibe, another thing
Nameless it remains as we find peace in this nameless connection
Simply in love with the way it is, the way its done and the way .....the way....the way
Touches unlock hidden secrets, confessions are made about pasts loves and hurts and leading us to lay down, lay down those things that hinder us from feeling this
Simply in love a with friendship that defies reason, space and time
just simply in love and its ok.....
simply in love with you
posted on myspace august 2007

Getting my Mind Right

For some reason, as I've been working on CWUW for the past year, I've trying to share this journey with others. Today, something clicked in my brain (again) about taking CWUW 100% by the you know what and running with it, as its lone leader. Yes, I'll still need a working board of women and men who are committed to the mission but I can step out and truly lead, alone.

With W2W, even though I was the program director, I truly tried to share my experiences with my employees and volunteers. I try to give them opportunities to learn skills to improve their lives. I didn't have to be the "PROGRAM DIRECTOR". I was good with being "Rhonda from Woman to Woman". With CWUW, its different. I need to be the FACE of CWUW. Its out of character for me but its needed. I'm no performer. The spotlight doesn't call me. I just want to help folks but I'm seeing the plan.

Didn't I just write this blog some weeks ago?

Step ya game up Rhon! Get ya min…

Dearest Love

It seems you came to me
like an angel from God's bosom
saving me
from my own mind
ofentrapment and loss
my dearest love
When I see your face
I smile
your voice findsa warm place
in my soul
I rise again
to bestrong and vibrant
my dearest love
What words can provide
thankful feelings
you saw love in me
when my reflection
was empty
my dearest love
I awakened to fly again
to move
towards higher heights
afraid that I must move on
move forward withoutthe one
who nurturedmy spirit, loved me dearly
my dearest love
my love for you will never cease
but has changed
I will leap
without holding your hand
or needing your touch
but my heart will be towards
for you are
mydearest love

July 7, 2008
inspired by the ending of a relationship that blossomed into a strong friendship