Monday, July 7, 2008

Dearest Love

It seems you came to me
like an angel from God's bosom
saving me
from my own mind
entrapment and loss
my dearest love
When I see your face
I smile
your voice finds a warm place
in my soul

I rise again
to be
strong and vibrant
my dearest love

What words can provide

thankful feelings
you saw love in me

when my reflection

was empty

my dearest love
I awakened to fly again
to move
towards higher heights
afraid that I must move on
move forward without the one
who nurtured
my spirit, loved me dearly
my dearest love
my love for you will never cease
but has changed
I will leap

without holding your hand

or needing your touch
but my heart will be towards
for you are
dearest love

July 7, 2008
inspired by the ending of a relationship that blossomed into a strong friendship

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