Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting my Mind Right

For some reason, as I've been working on CWUW for the past year, I've trying to share this journey with others. Today, something clicked in my brain (again) about taking CWUW 100% by the you know what and running with it, as its lone leader. Yes, I'll still need a working board of women and men who are committed to the mission but I can step out and truly lead, alone.

With W2W, even though I was the program director, I truly tried to share my experiences with my employees and volunteers. I try to give them opportunities to learn skills to improve their lives. I didn't have to be the "PROGRAM DIRECTOR". I was good with being "Rhonda from Woman to Woman". With CWUW, its different. I need to be the FACE of CWUW. Its out of character for me but its needed. I'm no performer. The spotlight doesn't call me. I just want to help folks but I'm seeing the plan.

Didn't I just write this blog some weeks ago?

Step ya game up Rhon! Get ya mind right.

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