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Indianapolis - Big small town

I've never really liked living here in Indy. When I was young, my goal was to leave immediately. I wanted to be a broadcaster and I didn't like this market at all. I saw then that Indianapolis was missing something.

When I had Sydney, I knew I needed to stay here. I was 22, still had another semester of school to finish and no money. I had to make the best of the city. During my 20's I was able to get out and about somewhat and enjoy some of the activities of the city. I also realized quickly that Indy is a GREAT place for children. There's always various activities for your children. Me and Syd would go all over the place. Its probably why she's always on the move still.

But something is really wrong....

What I've learned is that Indy does have a lot to offer but its the mentality of the people that's frustrating. You hear people say things like, "Indy never has anything going on." When things are going on, no one shows up. You really see it with live performances. Indy audiences are lazy. Either we don't understand the culture of live performances or we just suck. We sit there and stare. Huh? The artists need our energy. Why don't folks get that?

As I'm developing CWUW, I've been frustrated with the lack of professionalism and follow through I've seen from so called professional black folks here. Everyone wants a title but not the work. Lazy. I've been told (by people who don't live here), that I need to move. My vibe isn't for Indy. I've been told I should move to California or Atlanta and start CWUW. My girlfriend NYC is just waiting for me to finally pack up and move to the city. She has always said I'm not a Hoosier...ha. Trying to get CWUW started has been frustrating but I'm hopeful that I can find focused women and men to jump on board and roll with me. There's a few but lawd. Its really like fishing in the ocean with no bait.

What is going on with Indianapolis? Why do so many envy what is going on in other cities, travel to participate in those activities but don't support those same activities locally? That's being a part of the problem.

So in the past few weeks, I've spoken with at least 3 or 4 people considering moving because they can't seem to make it happen here in Indianapolis. They've exhausted all avenues and yet, its not happening. I'm feeling the same way BUT I'm staying. There's got to be a shift in this lazy attitude at some point. When, where and how its going to happen, I have NO idea. I'mma still make my trips to Chicago for events up there but I'm going to make an effort to support our local artists, businesses, etc. There needs to be a movement to force our local "institutions" to support what is going on locally as well. I sit and listen to the Hot 96 daily (when I'm too lazy to change the station). I RARELY here anything about ANY local shows, events, activities, etc going on. WTLC is a waste at this point. Radio One has killed the community connection but can we force their hands? I don't know. How do we grab Indy by the balls and shake it up?

Some are calling west 38th, the booming culture area for Indy (the IndyStar). Why? The large number of ethnic restaurants in the area, Georgetown theater plays Indian movies (bollywood) and other little spots here and there. Are we taking advantage of this? How can we as a community revitalize Lafayette Square and make it a place for local businesses and culture? The community can do this. No big corporation needs to come in and do it for us. Even though we have Foundation Square and Broad Ripple, for me BR is the most UNcultured place on the weekends. Just a personal thing. I'm a snob....shoot me. Its all about drinking so when you go to shows, the star of the show is the bar (and cigarettes. ya'll need to really watch those commericals or something, jeez.) It takes my dad to complain about the Jazz fest every I actually like to hear him tell me how the Jazz fest has NOTHING to do with JAZZ. We're missing it here in Indy.

The unconventional approach needs to happen. Getting advocates in the media can help and advocates can come in the oddest places. Shake it up!! We need to kick down the door.

Indy is a city of followers but how are we leading?

I don't want to leave. I want to make it better.



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