Sunday, July 13, 2008

Other week without the scale

YAY for Rhon!! I have NO idea what I weigh and I'm not about to kill anyone...YAY!! Humanity is safe. :)

I've had NO episodes either. No purging at all. I'm still under-eating, I think but I'm working on it. As I'm regaining a sense of self, I'm regaining a better hold of this issue.

I can safely say that my eating issues really kicked in during my parents divorce. Who said that divorce isn't hard when you're adult was a liar. They went through their thing and I don't blame them for what I was doing. I was just coping. Its never been consistent. Up and down. There were years when I didn't even think about it and others when it was like air, I needed it.

Enough of that stuff.

I'm really moving to a place of healing. With all humility, I really learning to embrace the goodness in me. I give Honor to God for it but I'm learning to not look the other way when someone offers a compliment. I really just want to be a reflection of the Divine. He is showing me the way to healing and how to help others in their healing process. CWUW will be powerful! I'm soooooooo anxious for things to move faster. :)

The best thing Syd did was to dump that damn scale. I really don't care if I ever know how much I weigh again.


go rhonda, go rhonda....

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