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King to Obama: The Black Male Experience?

Let me first to admit that I am cynical and over opinionated. As much as people believe that I'm very positive and optimistic and I am, I rarely believe things are as simple as it seems or appears so as I viewed the documentary by Tavis Smiley, "The Stand", it was not from an objective view. I brought with me my understanding of Tavis' personal history and journey to success, his world view, and his recent "troubles" with Obama and Tom Joyner. Is this fair? (shrug) But I wanted to preface my review of the documentary so you know I went in LOOKING and listening with a highly critical EAR. I also kept in mind this was suppose to be a look at the 40 years from King to Obama.

Historical Context
The one thing I did like about the documentary was its historical context. I think the documentary provides and inside look at Martin Luther King and his humanity. It lets us remember the struggle of the movement 40 years go and the fortitude it took to overcome each d…
Michael Joseph Jackson
"Man in the Mirror"

There really are no words. I loved him and his brothers all of my life. I memorized their names and birthdays when I was a child. We all giggled about who was the cutest Jackson brother. They were all talented but Michael was magical. God chose him for this purpose and unfortunately, Michael was a victim of his own success, sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstance. It really isn't about his morphed face, his wigs, or his skin but he music. Michael had an appreciation for beauty and for other artists talent. He made music that changed us. My dear sweet Michael, I will miss you so. You can rest. No more of this world's pressure to be the "King of Pop". I pray your soul was ready. I am proud to say that I am a Michael Jackson Fan.
Good-bye Michael. I hope to see you one day in eternity.

Rings of fire
the openings of your soul
you look at me and its as if
i feel one finger
two and three
moving across my chocolaty
brown skin
your crown
matching mine
a queen
to your king
and I smile
flames of peace
in every hug
you whisper blessings
from the ancestors
the Presence of God
watching you stand by my side
Rings of fire
windows to your soul
a smile of secrets
we have yet to make
I am a queen
to your king
Rhonda L. Bayless ☥ is as the first day of creation, beautiful and pure. I am the day of after a morning's rain, cleansed and renewed. I am the moment you knew your heart was full of love and when you knew you didn't need it in return. I am as the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Universe, perfectly placed, full of mystery and knowledge. This is me. Who are you?

Time to step up

I've been working with a wellness coach and it has been a journey. I'm learning about myself and what I really need to do.

Even though you have the KNOWLEDGE, life has put of roadblocks to being wise and applying that knowledge to your life.

I've had to look at my body image issue very closely. Its dangerous for my psyche. Its planted in control, fertilized in lies, and loved in BS. At the end, here comes Bulimia. It rolls off the tongue like its some weird yet exotic name. (I'm hoping no child is named Bulimia). I've cultivated this side of me. I've nurtured it, supported it, excused it, and even believed in it. Nuts right? Not really. I'm human. The important thing is to start the weeding process and face it.

I completely appreciate Delana (the wellness coach). She is hardcore and yet loving. She wants to see you enlightenment and moving forward. Keep it moving! She holds me accountable and that's all most of this is about in some odd way. Its …

Respectable Neglect

Its been a minute when I felt the need to hear the dial tone. I generally hang in for the ride, the bullshit conversation, the attempt at debate but this was just too much for my sensibilities to handle.

I should have known when he first said that Black women never experience sexism that I should lose his number but I was up for debate. I had to remind him that even in the black community under jim crow, a black husband could beat the crap out of his wife. Police would do nothing. I had to remind him that even though state loopholes and clauses kept black men from voting, they technically had the right to vote before black women.
When I mentioned the control, he quickly said, "Black men have no power so they can't 'control' black women therefore there is no sexism". I asked him if he ever heard of the saying, "Everyone has their nigger". I had to explain that we ALL exert some form of power over whatever situation we are in.

He then said that he hates …