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NYC Politics: Charlie Rangel Begat Ed Towns: Something Is Broken In Brooklyn, Too

 By Kevin Powell

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
--Abraham Lincoln

And the drama of Congressman Charlie Rangel continues to unfold with 13 charges of misconduct, even as I type this essay: Mr. Rangel faces a range of accusations stemming from accepting four rent-stabilized apartments and misusing his office to preserve a tax loophole worth half a billion dollars for an oil executive who pledged a donation for an educational center being built in Mr. Rangel's honor. In short, Mr. Rangel, one of the most powerful Democrats in the United States House of Representatives, has given his Republican foes much fodder to attack Dems as the November mid-term elections quickly approach.
While this saga continues, two questions dangle in the air: First, where did it all go so terribly wrong? And, second, did Mr. Rangel begat the lack of ethics also present in the career of his colleague, friend, and staunc…
Its time. Its time for change beyond just a campaign slogan but for the Hip Hop generation, the post civil rights generation to take our place as leaders. We are late bloomers. We are now in our 30's-40's and are still having to push aside some of our civil rights leaders who have not willingly pass the baton. We respect them. We honor the path set before us and yet we recognize that times are different and  we need different leadership.

I sincerely support Kevin Powell for Congress.  His sincerity and compassion are to be honored. He has put together a strong campaign staff full of smart, savvy, articulate leaders who understand the needs of the Brooklyn community.

 September 14, 2010 - Vote for Kevin Powell for Congress, 10th Congressional District, Brooklyn, NY.

Who is Your Congressperson? from Kevin Powell on Vimeo.

Love Letter

Dear You:
I've yet to hold your hand or see your smile but I know, you are meant for me. I know your eyes will swim in my soul. I know your hand will provide protection. Your lips will love me right.  You have been made for me and not other. You've waited patiently for me as I have prayed and longed for that moment when I can hear your spirit call my name without the utterance of a single word.
Your heart is towards God and towards his people. Service is your driving force. Love is your fuel. I'm busting out of my seams just thinking of when and where you will arrive. Who are you that has been created to love me? My twin soul understands the passion and longing of this letter. He knows its not out of loneliness, not out of desperation but one spirit calling to another. 
I'm being prepared for you. I'm more than your helpmate. As the trees need the life force of the air I exhale, you need my presence to stand.  I send love vibrations.  I send my desires. I've neve…
Silver shadow
Glowing shadow
Shining brightly
For all to see

I remember gazing on this quiet night
The stars were bright as they could be
Wonderin' if things would ever go right
And if there was a spot up there for me

Then one star got brighter by the minute

Strange that it seemed to have my name written in it
I reached for the star and it kissed me with it's light
It made me cast a show that was silver and bright

Silver shadow
Glowing shadow
Shining brightly
For all to see

I never had any good reason
To thank my lucky stars
But now I got a pretty good reason cause
I know I'm gonna go so far

I believe in magic, I really do

With all that's happened
It's got to be true
I cast a silver shadow from the kiss of the light
I knew that I was destined
Starting with tonight

Silver shadow
A glowing shadow
Shining brightly
For all to see
Silver shadow
My future show
Trying to tell me
Of a star I would be

Since I was chosen among the rest
I dedicate myself, I'm gonna be the ver…

Black Health: What will it take for us to pay attention?

Working in HIV, I've always had the battle of trying to educate my people on being preventive when it comes to their sexual health. I'm use to the excuses, the blame, etc.  I understand the issues around HIV but what about heart disease?  What about diabetes? What about taking preventive measures to reduce the risk of getting certain cancers?  Why are we the last to understand that our health IS something we can control no matter your economic situation. Yes, NO matter your economic situation. 


There are barriers to access to fresh fruits and veggies BUT you still have access to fruits and veggies. Its called harm reduction.  Its used in substance abuse treatment.  You do what you can to reduce HARM by making the best choices you can make.  Using your EBT card and buying better foods is possible.  There are farmer's markets that accept EBT cards and even WIC.  No excuses.  Make better choices when you can.

Advocacy is within everyone's power and control.  We ar…


One mo time....

If you dig through my Myspace blogs (gotta be my friend to dig), you will find a lot of blogs on Sisterhood, women getting along. I've worked with women and girls all of my life.  I come from a family filled with strong women.  I understand the importance of female relationships.  Its very important for women to connect with other women.

So why do we still have this breakdown in sisterhood? Why do we still have women saying, "I really don't get along with other females"?  Why do we roll our eyes at each other? Why are we afraid to show love?

I'm not about to write an essay because there are so many reasons why we are were we are today. Sexism being one of the top reasons but lets move toward some solutions with first like simply -  looking in the mirror. Healing starts at home.  When you see another beautiful woman, do you immediately pass judgment or can you appreciate her beauty AND tell her she's beautiful? When you see a man you're attra…

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.....

Bottom line - God knows best.

I'm all for being the one to bring about all that I want through the manifestation of will. I understand it and God works in that but God is our GUIDE.  He will point to the road we must travel to live happier, more fulfilling lives but he will give us the desires of our hearts even if its not in our purpose, if we protest much.  This is the manifestation of will. What are you summing unto yourself through your own desires that may not be good for your soul?  Or what are you rejecting out of fear and confusion?

Obedience is better than sacrifice and yet I believe so many would rather sacrifice so they feel they can do what they want. This is the harder road traveled and I've been there. Allowing my spirit to heed to the Supreme Love, to Divine order, to God's plan, its sometimes hard but always necessary. We may want to call ourselves gods but we are not the Creator of all things. So, God knows best.  Yeshua provides life.  I need to continue …

Nobody can be me but me

I wrap myself up in the belief that I am an original. I'm perfect. I'm beautiful. I'm a great creation and create greatness.  Never again will I allow myself to be under a spell of confusion and despair.  I accept that I'm a great work which is daily being perfected.  Nobody can be me but me.

Manly Manners.....

The other day, I was at the gym and was approached by a young man while I was sweating it out on the treadmill.  He first asked me about my t-shirt.  It was some bootleg shirt that had "Police" on the back.  He asked me if I was an officer.  I said, "Nope".

Of course, he wasn't done.

He taps me on my shoulder. I turn towards him and he says, "I want you!"    My response, "Not right now. I'm working out."  I turn and continue to workout. 

He still doesn't stop trying. He goes to his car and writes his number on a piece of paper and gives it to me.   I just sigh and said thanks. [shrug]

Two days later, I'm walking from the gym and this OLDER man yells, 'Yo gurl! What IS up?"  I instantly said....UGH but then I thought back to the younger man and his approach to me. Why should I expect him to know the proper way to talk with a woman when older men yell down the street YO Gurl!  :/

I greet everyone. If you say hello, I'…

How did we get here? Alicia and Swizz

I like Alicia Keys.  I do think she's a talented young woman. I don't have much to say about Swizz beatz.  I'm sure he's talented as well. [kanye shrug]

Ok. That part is done.

Lately, there's a lot of online and well, offline murmuring about their relationship and pregnancy. I will say, this isn't about throwing stones because I would be the first to get rocked out by some stones but learning how to be humble when making unpopular life choices.
The public has weighed in.  He was married. It is what it is. She decided to be with him.  He decided to move onto a relationship before rightfully ending another one.  There it is but now, what we see is a couple who are very proud of their relationship and baby on the way.  Should they be so PUBLICLY PROUD?

Maybe I'm old fashion on some levels. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wasn't proud.  I rarely left the house.  Even though I had so much support from family and friends, I knew it wasn't appropr…