Saturday, April 25, 2009

GOLD AURA COLOR: The color of enlightenment and divine protection. When seen within the aura, it says that the person is being guided by their highest good. It is divine guidance. Protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, intuitive thinker.

Today was a beautiful day! I was able share me with some positive people who are really shaping the world for the better. God is awesome. He is moving so and I love him so much. Daily he is showing me that he is with me. Today, I was able to expand my spirit and connect with him in an interesting way. Even as a devout Christian, I do believe that we are to expand our thinking. Our belief is internal and God speaks to you deep in your spirit. We are connected to all and everything. So sat and allowed a friend to do a Reiki session with me. I know some Christian folks are like....oh noooooooooo but it was interesting how INSTANTLY God was speaking to me. As she spoke, HE spoke. It was instant prayers falling upon me in the Name of Jesus. It was amazing. As she was talking about chakaras, all I could hear was, "Yellow, Yellow, Yellow". I'm like...Wha? I just said, Ok?

She was are so Golden....and I told her that all I could her was YELLOW!

I don't know what it all means but I know I'm peaceful. I know that God is moving into some interesting terriority. I'm going there ready and armed with HIS power with me and in me. I can't do anything without him. He is all and I'm HIS solider.

I've never been so in Love with God as I am nowadays.

The Power of Yeshua is embedded in my spirit.

I'm Golden.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moment of Thanks


Once again, I need a moment to show that I love Him. At every turn, God has shown me that he is with me. All he's ever asked of me is obedience. I still struggle with patience but I've learned that I will overcome that as well. We all carry a certain level of dogma even the most open minded person. I'll continue being a Christian until the day I leave this earth because this is where I've found peace and love. I believe that Jesus is the Way to peace. Even though I call him Yeshua, Jesus still works ;).

I'm amazed that God knows my strength and has faith in ME. I've carried a load and never turned away from loving him and praising him. I've cried lone. I've prayed quietly. I'm still flawed. I'm slightly neurotic, mistrusting and can be cold hearted about somethings but I'm working on getting better. God knows that I am. He's placed in my heart the gift of service and love for the forgotten. This is where I always want to be, in service. There are days when ideas flow so much that I'm overwhelmed. I try to do too much. I over extend myself or I don't do anything. He will teach me.

In the past few weeks, I've learned to check myself in my behavior. I've learned to allow people to leave without chase. I've also learned that some people want you to chase them. I've learned that sometimes you're just a moment in someones life or you are a part of their lifetime and many times, its not up to you, but them. I've learned that I've done a good job with the Kid. Hindsight you can always see the different things you could do differently or better but I think she is the person God wants her to be. She is well rounded, smart, sharp, candid, and self assured. God loves her so much. I can tell. She was purposed to be here. And its cool that she tells me alot what a great mom she thinks I am. I remember her telling me that if she's just half the woman I am, she'll be satisfied. I was floored! What a blessing?!! God is here with me and the Kid.

The most interesting thing about this life's Journey is that I have NO idea where I'm going. LOL.... I know what's up for the next week. I know what's on my schedule but I think God has a plan for me that I can't even see yet. I think God knows I'm not one to be afraid of success as you see so many who say that want the brass ring but are really scared of it all. I'm not. My goals are beyond CWUW. CWUW is my love and gift to the community but there's more to come. Its all in God's plan. I'm proud of CWUW but we have SO much more work to do. God is with us. Its his organization. Its his plan. I honor him with it. Its not Rhonda's organization. I rarely use the word, "I" when talking about CWUW. Its always been "We" even when it was just me. There's a burning fire in the pit on my stomach that keeps me moving and working hard to make it happen. God is keeping me focused. God is my Grind!

And lastly, the thing that I've blogged about but still comes up and I've even had harsh words with a friend about, MEN. Who is for Rhon? Its definitely going to certain type of man with some push back to partner with me. Believe it or not, God has put a submissive nature in me for the man I'm with. I value the ideas and listen carefully to the ideas of the person I'm with. There is NO way that I could do CWUW without the past relationships I've been in. It gets on my nerves when folks tell me that there must be some special dude guy has for me. My girlfriend, who is prophetic, even said that "the dude" for me is FOR me. He is here for me. Okaaaayyyyy. :/ I just wanna dude to chill I'm down for whomever God has for me. Interesting though, I think this dude is gonna give me a run for my money. I think he will take me to task on my stuff and honesty will live in him. God has a way to give you what you both want and need. I'm know its gonna be GREAT! ;)

God I love you so.....I honor you with everything I do. Forgive me for my sins. I'm here to serve you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Looked in the mirror
today I saw a vision I had not seen before
powerful she was.
black skinned and curvaceous hips
lips to be kissed by one who holds the key

Looked in the mirror
and never to again will I compare what I saw
with anything else again
what beauty comes from the heart
of the reflection I've seen

working on it! BBL... ;)
Mystical words linger
as the smells of cheap perfumes
spells fall upon the heart
twisting fate
confusion is the long way

Getting back to blogging

I'm going to get back to blogging regularly. I'm gonna continue talk from the heart, vent when I wanna, and be vulnerable as I want. This is the place where I can do that and I really and unmoved about who reads it.

Getting back to clevawords being my spot.

I'll get back to writing some poetry (if thats what it is). I'll get back to dealing with some community issues. I'll get back to dealing with me.

I'mma shout out myself. I'mma criticize myself. I'mma respond to the private messages I receive in all appreciation. I'm do Rhon 100%.

This next week is gonna be about me checking myself. I need to be checked on a couple of things where I believe I need some improvement. I'm blessed that do receive some revelation about where I need check ME. I will.

Let's Go!

Welcome back to ClevaWords! ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

My own bullshit and bullshittin'

In all of my rhetoric, maybe I dont really know my own worth. Maybe I'm trying to convince myself that I'm as fly as I say but action speak volumes anyday. I don't treat myself like a Queen.

I am tired of manipulative people taken advantage. The trick is to get smart and not bitter. I don't want that but this has to change. Rhon, take the hint and roll...bounce on.

There are people who are users and flat out assholes. Keep them away.

Man, I see ya'll coming at me. I gotta be wise enough next time to keep the bullshit at bay.

No more bullshittin'.

I'm absolutely, 100% tired of people thinking I'm stupid. I'm absolutely, 100% tired of ALLOWING people to think I'm stupid.

I'm responsible for allowing any kind of treatment to come my way. I'm responsible for letting people think they are getting way stuff. I am responsible for who I identify as "friend" and "foe".

I've hit my wall. I'm done with the b.s.

DONE. Folks get no shine from me unless they've earned it.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I love ya'll. You have given me so much entertainment in the past few days, its so funny. Just the conversations about relationships, ME, and other things has really renewed some things in me. No, I haven't found anyone that has caught my eye but I'm renewed in my belief there are good men out there looking for good women. So far, no match for me but I'm assured its coming.

I really actually learning for the first time what makes me attractive to me beyond any phased attributes. That's cool. Refreshing.

Thanks to all of my brothas. :)

I love you!!

I'm so glad I'm a believer. I'm glad that I listen to the VOICE of God and pay attention. I was thinking that someone had good intentions and immediately, God let me know, its a farce. They are spying, being nosy. dang! It really saved me from foolishness.

I'm just glad my spirit is open to receive it all.

I'm very thankful.

I love ya!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What I'm not...

Was talking with a person about her relationship and I was like...oh brother. You know when you are just polar opposite of someone. We were talking about being on your grind and making things happen. Her man was on his Grind and she was very supportive but seemed lost in it, sorta. Of course, I was hyped about the stuff the dude was doing. I like people moving towards their dreams fearlessly. I got the impression that she really just wanted to have a "regular" relationship as she described it. She wasn't as interested in being a part of a "power couple" but did love and appreciate the boyfriends focused. I'm thinkin' I guess I never thought about someone being interested in being a part of a "power couple" so to speak. She was just content with working, coming home, etc, etc. She did enjoy the fact that his drive kept them out and about.

I was wondering if they would make it down the line. I was wondering if at some point his drive would be too much for her and her wanting to have a "regular relationship" would be not enough for him. Lately, there's a couple of men sniffing around and I'm very upfront about where I am with my future. I'm open to anything but you need to know what's up. I can hear it that some find it attractive and others are a little put off. Whatever! Let's make it happen. God didn't create me with the capabilities to be only that support system but we are a team. Sharon Osborne wasn't just the wife of a musician but a VERY good manager. She puts in work. I admire that.

The talk just made me realize that I couldn't function in the so-called regular relationship. I'm all for the power couple concept . I think its really just two people with similar drives and focuses coming together to take on the world. I like that and I'm waiting for that. I don't necessarily need just a cheerleader. I want someone who takes an interest and even sees how he could help move my vision along because I would do the same.

I waiting for this dude to show up so we can make it happen......for real. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I had lunch with a former employer who I hadn't seen in a long time. I wanted to check in with him and he with me and just chit chat. I asked him about CWUW and if I'm doing anything wrong. I get very anxious about if I'm on the right track and my need for professional mentoring at the ED level.

He asked me a few questions about our organizational structure and said, "WOW, that's so impressive Rhonda!" I was like...REALLY?

It was the confirmation I needed.