Thursday, April 2, 2009

What I'm not...

Was talking with a person about her relationship and I was like...oh brother. You know when you are just polar opposite of someone. We were talking about being on your grind and making things happen. Her man was on his Grind and she was very supportive but seemed lost in it, sorta. Of course, I was hyped about the stuff the dude was doing. I like people moving towards their dreams fearlessly. I got the impression that she really just wanted to have a "regular" relationship as she described it. She wasn't as interested in being a part of a "power couple" but did love and appreciate the boyfriends focused. I'm thinkin' I guess I never thought about someone being interested in being a part of a "power couple" so to speak. She was just content with working, coming home, etc, etc. She did enjoy the fact that his drive kept them out and about.

I was wondering if they would make it down the line. I was wondering if at some point his drive would be too much for her and her wanting to have a "regular relationship" would be not enough for him. Lately, there's a couple of men sniffing around and I'm very upfront about where I am with my future. I'm open to anything but you need to know what's up. I can hear it that some find it attractive and others are a little put off. Whatever! Let's make it happen. God didn't create me with the capabilities to be only that support system but we are a team. Sharon Osborne wasn't just the wife of a musician but a VERY good manager. She puts in work. I admire that.

The talk just made me realize that I couldn't function in the so-called regular relationship. I'm all for the power couple concept . I think its really just two people with similar drives and focuses coming together to take on the world. I like that and I'm waiting for that. I don't necessarily need just a cheerleader. I want someone who takes an interest and even sees how he could help move my vision along because I would do the same.

I waiting for this dude to show up so we can make it happen......for real. :)

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