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Telling me things...

my eyes grow tired
mind still races
God sends messages of correction
and focus
directing my prayers to and fro
mostly about one
telling me more things than I want to know
but I pray

my mind grows tired
my shoulders ache
God tells me to pray more
things never look like they seem
especially about one
wanting to be ok with, thinking and even daydreaming
but I meditate

[to be continued]

Katrina: Remember.

Beauty is where you find it...

I woke up this morning sick. Can't breathe. Chest hurts. 

But on my mind, streaming like a movie......"Beauty is where you find it!"
[scratches head]
I quickly realized that I had not channeled Madonna but God is telling me something but what?
First, what is Beauty?  I've always said that I would rather be perceived as "Beautiful" than "Pretty" any day.  Pretty is fixed. Its stationary. Its...well....boring.  Beauty can be packaged in so many ways. Its diverse.  Its magical. Its wondrous.

Looking through your own lens of life.....what do you see? Where do you find Beauty?

To Some, there's no difference in this thing called "Pretty" and "Beauty".  Its the same. Its all about the aesthetic. Its mostly visual and based on some deep brainwashing. Only a certain look, hair, skin tone, weight, and flair needs to apply.  Personality and spirit are secondary. 

For me, Beauty is deeper.  Beauty is how a person views the world.  Beauty is…

I think I feel in love with.....

thoughts and thangs

More dreams about waiting on God and allowing him to do all and be all.

But yo, wait....I'm a workaholic.  I'm a doer. Just let me....right?

This is the oddest revelation that's come to me this week. I've truly have rested. I've enjoyed every moment on some level. I've embraced the huge possiblity of moving and yet God needs to tell me to "let go 100%". 

100%?  This doesn't fit well with my control issues. They are feeling WEIRD and concerned.  Can God handle this on HIS own? I mean, I know me.   I am me, right? hmmmmm....ok. 

Back to Indy.  Letting God do HIS thing.....[crosses fingers]


More than a Super Hero - A Woman

Just a quick little blog.  I'm in my most favorite place on Earth, NYC. I'm enjoying my friends and the City.

I've enjoyed meeting new friends, helping others with their dreams, and RESTING. 

A revelation from the trip: I need to let the Rhonda light shine more. I'm more than CWUW, Social Networker, HIV/AIDS activist, and even Mother.  I'm cool.  No really....I'm really a cool chick but I hide it. I hide it behind my work ethic.  I hide behind my focus.  Why? I'm waiting for Part Deux of this revelation to occur but I had a dream that made me think to.....slow down and enjoy all parts of ME and allow God to do HIS thing.

The Dream:

In my car and the brakes go out. I can't even switch it to drive. I can't turn the steering wheel....I had NO control.

Freaky but I understood the dream.  Let go Rhon. Be Free.  Enjoy who you are. I'm fly. :) 

You should know me.

Essence Magazine's White Girl

I'm listening to some of the best intellectuals we have in Black culture make their cases for why Essence magazine has done a bad thing.  I'm reading women and men screaming out about this injustice of our beloved magazine hiring a white woman as the Fashion Director.  Normally, you would see me ready to go to battle over any injustice, any issue where I can see that one group will be held down, held back from being able to actively participate equal at the table.

I'm not ready for battle. 

Black's only?

 Is the issue simply around her being white  or do we know more about her qualifications for being a fashion editor? I understand the disappointment and anger about this but I'm concerned that we've solely wrapped this commentary around her whiteness and not included any discussion about work history and qualifications. Admittedly, I haven't stayed up on this particular issue with Essence other than the immediate responses given once the word got out about …

Let Love Rule...

The one thing I'm not cynical about is LOVE.   I love Love. I love being in Love, I love showing Love, I love watching others in Love.  Its so beautiful and its the one thing that we're messing nowadays.  Pure love escapes so many of us.  To think that some have no idea what a mother's love feels like is so sad.  I've seen loveless marriages take place and why, because we're all truly searching for Love and yet have a hard time really identifying what love means, feels like, and is.

"You take the bitter with the sweet!" - Grandma
That was my grandmother's advice to her children when they would complain about their marriages. You don't see too many staying in for the bitterness. Love isn't always about being HAPPY and gitty.  Its acceptance of your partners imperfections and flaws and a willingness to persevere through trials. Somehow, we want perfection even when we're not perfect ourselves.

I desire and will have the Love of a partner.  I …