Monday, August 2, 2010

Let Love Rule...

The one thing I'm not cynical about is LOVE.   I love Love. I love being in Love, I love showing Love, I love watching others in Love.  Its so beautiful and its the one thing that we're messing nowadays.  Pure love escapes so many of us.  To think that some have no idea what a mother's love feels like is so sad.  I've seen loveless marriages take place and why, because we're all truly searching for Love and yet have a hard time really identifying what love means, feels like, and is.

"You take the bitter with the sweet!" - Grandma

That was my grandmother's advice to her children when they would complain about their marriages. You don't see too many staying in for the bitterness. Love isn't always about being HAPPY and gitty.  Its acceptance of your partners imperfections and flaws and a willingness to persevere through trials. Somehow, we want perfection even when we're not perfect ourselves.

I desire and will have the Love of a partner.  I have the most beautiful Love relationship with my daughter.

Because I have such a great need to give Love, demonstrate Love to God's people, I'm sure it will be returned to me 100 fold.    Be loving and caring to one another. Love is the most beautiful gift God has given us and we can't even recognize it.  We seek it in the wrong places like greed and loneliness. 

I truly believe Love screams out to be loved again.

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