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Art of Seduction

I believe in seduction.

I believe there's an art to it and I believe that art is lost. Seduction doesn't involve nakedness. It doesn't involve explicit word play [well sometimes]. 

Its simpler. 

Its the way I look at you.  The way I smile at you. The way I purposely move in front of you.

and you know its all for you.

Sex isn't the primary goal.  Its the mind [fuck] that is.  I want you to remember, hope, and dream about me.

Sex is easy. Too easy nowadays. Using my feminine wiles to just remain on the mind of someone who has crossed my path, and in my scope. 

Seducing me doesn't mean sexing me. 

Clothed. Eye contact. A smile. A simple word play. Seduction.

[art of]


Finding me-ness that's not connected to you-ness is difficult for me to do. Its one of those revelation moments in the year of me.  Still looking to figure out how to function without feeling the need to serve someone else and their needs. Still trying not to fix everything.  Still trying to have regular ole fun.
 This is still the focus.

Where to go.....

its just all a mystery
my thoughts twirling around
seeing the world move, trying not
to let my mind go
but there is you.

The eye of my self-imposed hurricane
whipping up insecurities I buried in the abyss
finding their way to the surface, exposed again
but there is you.

how do you walk away from a loving friendship
with its own codes and secrets
knowing I can be your savior and your curse
power I would freely give away just to be openly
the blessed gift bestowed,
but there is you.

Revenge is not in my vocabulary....yet

People hurt each other. I've been hurt recently. Not a debilitating hurt but just my feelings were shook. My brain was uneasy. My heart hurt a little bit. Let me say though that in my hurt I feel empowered knowing how and what I could do to seek my revenge.

Funky huh?

It would be simple but you can't do that to people no matter what they've to you directly or indirectly through their deeds or words.

Be thankful I'm not that chick.