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Being me. Being Free.

How did we develop a society that doesn't allow people to just be who they are?

Even at 42, I'm still fighting to be my authentic self. I've finally grown to a place where I'm good with me, the good things and the messy stuff.  I understand it all.  I'm hardwired to be introverted, overly loving and concerned, strong, sensitive, focused, and driven.  It can make for an odd combo but I understand it as I work at being and living the very reason for my creation. It works...for me. 

Its sad that we have young people killing themselves because they can't be who they are. We can look to all aspects of society for contributing to this underlying, unnerving weight on our spirits that we are somehow 'not right'.  We are all "Can't get right" it seems. We don't live in the right neighborhoods. We don't have the right religion. We don't have a big enough ass. We don't have the right skin tone.  We don't have the right gender. We…

Domestic Violence: The moment I heard her scream

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 
I have been a victim of domestic violence. I have had a man hit me and abuse me mentally AND I stayed.  I've been her.

I dated a man who was a womanizer. He repeatedly cheated. I knew it. I was very aware because as a part of his abuse, he made it known.I stayed. I stayed when he told me I wasn't very attractive. I remember when we were at a club in Cleveland. I was getting a lot of attention and he turned to me and said, "I don't get what they are seeing."  I stayed.  There was a day when we were moving from one condo to another in the same complex. He had a friend come by to help us. This entire time he bragged to his friend about how after he moved us into this condo that he was going to see this other woman.  The friend looked at me, I looked at him. It was as if the friend as so much pity for me."Rhonda, where is the iron?" The friend stayed to help make sure I had everything moved and everything I nee…

Why Willow is important?

We can argue all day long about her talent. We can even agree that she has access that the average person doesn't have [but its not her fault that her parents are who they are]. And we need to see the importance of a little girl who tells her mother, "I want to be free".  At nine, Willow embodies confidence that women my age are in therapy to obtain and yet its adults that talk about her ears, her hair, and her clothes.

This little girls loves herself and wants to celebrate it. I love it. I love seeing a little black girl saying she's cool in her skin. Its a very important message of empowerment for girls everywhere.

As written on the board in the "Whip Ya Hair" video - 

I pledge to be brave
I pledge to always give my best
I pledge to respect myself and all those around me
I pledge to be willing to learn and experience new things
I pledge to not be afraid to dream big and go for it

I'd rather for my daughter to whip …

P90X Day 1

Day 1 - Done.

Third Eye

I had a Dream to Awaken my Third Eye and to Use it. 
As a Christian who believes in a direct experience with God [mysticism], this doesn't surprise me to have a dream such as this but I know that there would be others of the Christian faith who would give caution to such dreams. 
In Christian mysticism, meditation is embraced.  Its about finding a deeper experience and connection with the Creator.  I am thankful for the Dream. It helped me to realize I'm on the right path. 

The Cycle of the Day

Have you ever had those days where it cycles up and downs, the highs are high and the lows and somewhere down in hell waving at Satan's mean ass.

Clearly, I was off my mark, out of sync,  not with flow of the Universe and all that she required yesterday.  It wasn't a life changing day but it was an annoyance,  of small little, "blech", moments.  It was as if there was a spirit assigned just to throw pebbles, not to harm, but to keep my mind off the goal and then in between those points, good moments, good conversations, smiles. Bipolar like a mug.

I'm glad Tuesday is gone forever. Somethings have changed forever and some things have been birthed.

whatta day, whatta day.

Random thought: Toleration

A very uncomfortable feeling is that of toleration, someone enduring your presence because of moral obligation of some sort. Through discernment, a person would know and feel this and most likely feel insulted. Be accepting. Examine why there is a dislike for a situation or person, then look to resolve that issue.