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Interesting that you can have folks that complain that you don't open up to them or that you don't ask for help and when you do....they go silent.

You get an F.

Sista, my sista .....who is zooming who? (grammatically incorrect because I like it that way)

I've worked with women for the past 15 years on HIV/AIDS, relationships, and health issues. There have been times when I just watched us.


What is going on?

First things, first. Black women are beautiful. We are made with an inner strengthen that is amazing. We've pushed through all of the worlds nonsense and hatred for our beauty, bodies, and strength. I love how we've been created.

Now with all of that said, we are falling a part. We can no longer hold up and take anymore. We also have to start facing the mirror. What part of this destruction is our responsibility?

I've had conversations with black men who don't understand feminism and how it relates to black women and our relationships with them. Somehow feminism is the cause of the destruction of the black family (according to some of the men I've spoken with) and black women have listened to white women too long. (sigh)

I'm not about to do a history lesson in regards to the women's…

Visionaries are insane....or didn't you see that?

I am a visionary. I can see the end from the beginning. I am a little insane, in a good way. Being a visionary doesn't make me special. I'm simply recognizing and accepting my piece of the plan, my responsibility in the big picture. We all have a role to play.

The insanity comes in when you have to be in the future and in the present. You have to keep your eye on both and understand how it all manifests. Its hard when you're surrounded by folks who may understand the vision in theory but can't feel it, taste it, or touch it like you do. Its very organic and real to me. I'm energized by fellow visionaries because we speak the same language. We have ideas on how to fix everything, save the planet, and just make it all better. Its hard to keep us focused. One vision at a time, can be hard from some. There are others that God has provided one vision and even in that, the drive to make it happen can be overwhelming from an outsiders perspective. It can look …

The Power of the Girdle

Ok Ladies!

Time for some tough love. If you have any thing wiggling and jiggling, if its lumpy and bumpy, its time to buy a girdle. Even when I was young, thin, and tight, I rocked a girdle to make sure its all nice and smooth. Daily, I see women that I really want to scream....GET A GIRDLE!!!

Girdles are different today. There's not the boning like it use to be although sometimes those still seem to be the best. Corsets are sexy and hold you in and suck you up. If you are on your way to a healthier you and its just not tight yet, invest in a girdle and a better bra too. A good bra actually makes you look thinner and helps your back if you're a bustier woman.

I know I shouldn't have to say this stuff but this isn't the generation of girdle wearers. My mother was an advocate and taught me all about the different types of girdles and I still wear them. I know some women lovvvvvveee their thickness and want to show it off but sometimes it doesn't look sexy but slo…


When I blog, I blog generally off the top of the dome. I just type. I actually don't go back to reread it either and I post immediately, without edit, without spell check.

This makes for some interesting poems but I know that I must come back and review and edit other writings so if you're new to "clevawords", just know that I know that,..... that needed a comma, or the word is spelled wrong, or that didn't make any sense.

just flow with me.