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My lips to your ear

Come closer
let my lips touch your ear
let me whisper
a word
let me speak
let my lips touch your ear
with words of the Divine
the inner man
the goddess speaks
I bring love
let my lips touch your ear
let me whisper

Cleva...oh .....cleva...where are you?

I've been busy. I haven't given myself time to stop to smell the coffee, the roses, etc. I am a machine. Am I will oiled? No. I'm squeaky. I need maintenance. I need assistance.

But I'm moving and working.

I don't think I've ever thought I would be at this point of my life where I'm so focused on service that I don't do my nails, I don't get a pedicure, I don't put on my "Diva" for the ppl but I've lost my flava. It used to be my thing to be fashion forward and now I'm lost. lol

With my daughter gone to college, I can get back to Rhonda. I miss her. Its been long time but I'm working on it. I'm moving towards it. I shall return.

Its important that we take care of ourselves.

Cleva shall return.

Under the Influence: Vanity

This was my Idol as a teen.
Nothing left to say.

The State of the Union

What is going on with this country?

Lunacy is the where most are living on Main Street USA. Is it in the water?

First, my biggest pain right now is the this so called victimization of the white male that is being pushed by some on the right. White men have called me racist for not giving into this falsehood. So be it. Do we not see how the media is manipulating this entire thing from FOX and Glenn Beck to only showing the insanity at some of these rallies? Its controlled hysteria.

I'm annoyed. I'm actually so annoyed that I probably can't really write a comprehensive blog about what is happening. I'm really starting to buy into this blue pill vs red pill philosophy. Civility is lost. Rational thought is lost. Opposing view points shouldn't come to this. We are taking being a part of a political party as a way to define the person and well, its nothing new in this country (Communism and McCarthy), it would seem when should have grown and learned from past mist…

Am I my sisters keeper?

This is my sister.

I don't know her but she is my responsibility. Obviously she's gone astray. Her mind is loss. She's angry. She's my sister.

This is Maia Campbell.

This is how evil and twisted the world has become that instead of helping a sister who you can see is strung out on drugs, angry and confused, EVIL puts a camera in her face and makes fun, laughs, jokes, disrespects, and manipulates. EVIL was present.

What are we doing people? How are we living when THIS is entertaining? When a woman can expect a beating as if its normal? When we think taping this is entertaining?

I really can't type much. My heart is broken. I live to serve women like Maia. I see me when I see her. I see all that God had/has for her. I'm sadden.

My brothers, when will you return to your leadership? When will you realize that you have niggerized your black women by the way you treat us? Please don't say that her behavior warranted the laughs and jokes. There will be twis…