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His Majesty: Prince

How do you honor Prince?  This was the question many where asking when it was first announced that he would be honored at the BET Awards.  I even wondered.  I thought....hmmm...Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, and maybe even past band mates. I had one of them right.  BET took me in another direction with an all female tribute but I still was surprised by who was picked.  Its said that Prince himself chose each of the women on stage to honor him. I can believe it BUT where they appropriate?

Very talented females graced the stage, no doubt. The effort was there so why did it still seemed weak?
I feel like yelling, "Do over!!!"  Can we get a do over like they did with the MJ Tribute [which was GREAT]?   I doubt that we will.  Prince truly deserved better. We hear his influence in some of the songs produced by Robin Thicke, Ciara, and others who have done "Prince-like" ballads recently.

I'm thankful for the effort. Prince is a great influence.  He taught me to just be m…

National HIV Testing Day

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day.

Know your status.  Its time for African Americans to lose the fear. We need to take care of our sexual health.  Get tested. 

Too Busy to help....

The Grind. The Purpose. Gotta get it. Gotta get there. 

Watching folks on the move and on the grind and its motivating.  As I'm on my on grind and finding balance for my life, its becoming very important that I life my head from the paper to look around and see how I can give of myself, my skills to others.  My experiences, my journey is never for just me alone and I don't want to get into a habit of being so focused on CWUW and other goals that I don't lift up and share.

Some are very protective of their purpose and others will even just take from your hard work and make their own. Sometimes our egos get a little large and we believe what we're doing, saying, and believing is more important than others or only will assist when they can see how it will directly benefit themselves.   I want to stay in my lane and give and share because its good for my soul, my spirit.

I will always be as helpful as I can be when someone needs advice, a suggestion, or motivation.

God as…

Body Image, Body Imagery

This past week was an interesting one.  3 men gave me advice about my body and my Image. I'll admit that sometimes I take what men say about my body with a grain of salt.  Why? Well, I'll just say there are men who like my body just as it is.  They mean no harm but I'm clearly 25lbs over weight and the "thickness" isn't doing me any good.

So what did they say....

One told me to simply take care of myself. He said that I try too hard to take care of others, take care of community work but not myself and it shows. [mouth drops]It shows?  That's deep. I really received the advice well.  I understood what he was saying.

The next one was my ex boyfriend.  This is a person I generally never listen to when it comes to how I look.  I'm not his physical type so whatever he says to me, I feel is always based on some other image in has in his head but this time, good things came from my friend [yes, my friend].  He also told me to take care of myself and also t…

Never Daddy's Little Girl.....rather my father's daughter

Its father's day.  We see celebrations of relationships between child and father happening on this day. Ties given, dinners being cooked, and cards being sent.....this is the tradition. Its an interesting day.  My daughter doesn't acknowledge the day.  It has no meaning. She has no relationship with her father and its so unfortunate.  For me, its surreal.  I was raised with my father but I can't say I really KNOW him.

I love my dad. I think for the most part, he's a cool dude to sit and talk with.  I remember longing to go to the track meets with him. That was our time. I wasn't an athlete but I did love watching track and field.  I would get excited when dad would invite me to hang with him and his friends.  To this day, my dad is the one I can talk with about politics, any crazy governmental conspiracy, and music.  He can remember kids you went to school with and will know their whereabouts before you. My dad is quiet. He observes. He doesn't show much emotion…

Who is to Blame?

A few weeks ago, I blogged about people keeping you in a box and then ascribing labels and meanings to who you are.  I spoke of how  much I hated it but then, today, I was looking at pictures of "Vanity".  She also has been someone I've blogged about admiring.  The "character" of "Vanity" is something use to connect to so deeply.  I felt that her sexuality was her power as if she was some superhero able to destroy men with her wiles and sensual ways. I loved that.  For years, I've spoken of my connection to this persona, "Vanity"- even today giving homage.

Something - that something being God said to go to Denise Matthew's facebook page and look around. So I did.  We all know she's now an evangelist, so what was I looking for exactly?  I went to her website for her upcoming book, "Blame it on Vanity".  A very well done website that had me a little captivated.  Denise is not longer in the "Vanity" box we still …

Who is the Community? We are...

I love being a servant of the people.  I love being one who helps others. I love love love it. Its so motivating and beautiful to have the opportunity to share in the lives of others and help when you can.  I don't feel I get enough opportunities to work in the community.  I'm an administrator, manager at my day gig and the Executive Director of my nonprofit which means paperwork and BS most days.  Every now and then I get a call in from one of my HIV testers who is unsure how to counseling someone or how to refer a client or even where.  I jump at those opportunities.  I want to do more community clean ups. I want to organize a Saturday school.  I want to have a "charm school" for girls.  I wanna wanna

It is a beautiful blessing to serve and I wish more people would see it that way. So many complain about this or that in their communities by don't even see its within their power to do something, to make a change, to serve. We have to be doers.  Th…

Forever in my Life - Prince

There comes a time, in every man's life
When he get's tired of foolin' around
Juggling hearts in a three-ring circus
Someday will drive a body down to the ground
I never imagined that love would rain on me
And make me want to settle down
Baby it's true, I think I do
And I just wanna tell you that I wanna with you (baby, if you do too)
And baby, if you do too
Forever, forever, baby I want you forever
I wanna keep you for the rest of my life (you can make right)
All that is wrong in my world (you are my saviour)
You can make right (you are my light)
You are my saviour, you are my light (forever I want you in my life)
Forever I want you in my life

(la da da da da da da da)
(la da da da da da)

(every man's journey)
There comes a road in every man's journey (don't be afraid)
A road that he's afraid to walk on his own (I'm at that road)
I'm here to tell you that I'm at that road (I'd rather walk it
And I'd rather walk it…

kisses from Erykah.....dream catcher

One day I will get on for my home.....


Either this means something or I was just mad tired.

It was about a 30 second dream.

I'm sitting in a chair in front of Erykah Badu....YES  E.badu.

She says to me, "You are highly blessed and I'm blessed to know you."   She then kisses me on each cheek and once on the lips

That was the dream.


Internet thuggin': Words as a Weapon

I've been reading a number of blogs in the past few days. Some are so very well written that they make me never want to write another word anywhere.  Even with opinion being the main muse of the blogger, they were thoughtful in their choice of words.

On the flip side, there is something about the internet that prides people with the opportunity to be mean-spirited, hateful, and pushy that leaves you feeling bullied.  Having an opportunity to voice your opinion in the manner we in the US is a privilege that we take advantage of and maybe even slowing being taken away as we speak because of our arrogance.  Yes, we have the RIGHT to blog and experience this new way of expression anyway we feel but I'm just curious why use it to harm, hurt, or cause chaos?  Clevawords is an extension of Rhonda, the author.  What you see here is some aspect of me.  I expect for you to see it that way so what should I take from bloggers who insult their readership or insult certain segments of the c…

Daughter Daughter

the sweet smile
on your face
is like the dawn
the breath
and life of a new day
you are love
you are the wings of a eagle
you are the Heart of God
your eternal light is powerful
making any demon
flee his perch
you are my greatest creation
my finest work
I give you to the world
and loved
I now watch you move from
and I know
you will be fine


Not another diversity training boss man!

In 1995, I started my work in HIV/AIDS as a volunteer working for Stop AIDS Indiana. From the very start, diverse has been always on the forefront of any training relating to and around doing any sort of HIV work.  So after, many, many years, I'm still having to attend "diversity trainings" to help me become more in tuned with my clients and workplace. 
Makes sense.....
Most diversity or cultural competency trainings....well....suck.  I've only attended one training in my long history of attending these types of trainings that I found effective.  Most are so seeped in stereotypical concepts of cultural and diversity that it could leave any untrained person feeling validated by their opinions of how others think and believe.  I completely understand the purpose of cultural competency training.  These issues need to be discussed in the workplace but there's seems to be a lack of effective trainers on the topic and very few curricula that addresses the issues of cultu…

Politickin': Tale of two campaigns

Politics. More like a necessary evil in this country that claims to be both a democracy and a republic. We know the game must be played.  It seems the natural progression to move into the political area when one has committed a life to community organizing and activism. Personally, I still think I have my training wheels on when it comes to community organizing/activism but I've still been labeled an activist nonetheless so I don't see myself moving into the political arena anytime soon. 

This is not about me but two candidates running for office; Jose` Evans and Kevin Powell.  Very different approaches but similar goals.

Mayoral Candidate - Jose` Evans

I met Jose` Evans at the Food Independence event last year. Food substainabilty, food safety, and the slow food movement are issues we both share.  Later, I received a call that Jose wanted to meet with me.  I was a little surprised but met with Jose about his candidacy for Mayor of Indianapolis.  I was impressed with his confid…

The Prince and the Analog Girl

how do i love thee? let me count the ways anyone who knows me anyone who pays attention they know.
i am a music lover i love prince i love erykah badu
these two are my life force and how ironic, again they are here at the same time on the public stage for me
what is rhon talking about? in 2004 these two artist saved my sanity it was the year my mom transcended and the first year i was unemployed

i had tickets to see erykah months in advance never thinking my mother dearest would go away
how fitting erykah was pregnant with puma her spirit was calm she rubbed her belly throughout the show I weeped the show was the day before mom's funeral i was thankful for this divine order

it was also the 20th anniversary of purple rain prince had released musicology and was a media whore  and i was loving him on the stroll
grammys, musicology tv specials,  and the live concert of the first show of the tour i experienced them all and then i had the opportunity to see  him at madison square garden godloves me

a couple of months lat…

Something Wicked This Way Comes......

Had a conversation with God this morning. I generally just call on GOD, not Jesus, Yeshua, Oshun, The Light, Ra, Jehovah, etc. etc.  Just God and He [yes he] generally answers accordingly.

back to the story.....

I asked him, "What have I done to deserve this? I've been pretty faithful. I know some really horribly rotten people and they are doing well. What's up, really?"   Of course, there was silence. As soon as I asked the question, something came on television to remind me to hold on.  Ok. I will.

But I can't help but to think the other shoe will drop soon.  I feel a looming vibe. [looks over the shoulder] What is going on?

My co-worker enters into my office and tells me his "Lifetime" movie drama.  I sat and was like, WOW.  What is going on in the Universe? What is the imbalance?  His story mirrored mine. He asked the same questions. 

He also finds himself looking over his shoulder.  What will happen next?

Ok. Ye of little faith.  Right?  Wrong.  I…

My body is me

I moved to the right and I was hit with a major back spasm yesterday.  Its a polarizing feeling. Mentally, I'm stopped as well.  It spreads from the spasm throughout my body.  I sighed and slowly started to think about how to keep moving.  I've been here so many times. My back spasms are a big part of my slow journey back to having a health body.  This year they have been less so I've been able to move better, workout more, and get on the road to having a healthy back and body.

Mind + Body

I'm sure whatever is happening with my body is connected to my mind and the stressors that have popped up in the past few days.  CWUW and trials and errors keep me thinking and problem solving more than I'd like for it to at this point.  Work is fine but it is stressful. Motherhood has been the most stressful this year.  My daughter was going through some things physically and emotionally that had me concerned.  Of course, money.  Being a single mother and trying to still recover…


Somewhere Here On Earth lyrics

I know U're out there
I can feel Ur eyes on me
Seen that face a 1000 times
If only in my dreams

I know U really want me
I can feel Ur hands on me
I really wanna touch U 2
In a way I'm much 2 shy 2 speak

And even though
I'm all alone
4 what it's worth
U're somewhere here on Earth

And I like it

I know U're out there
I can feel U getting closer 2 me
I'm just wondering what U're waiting 4
U know I am free

In this digital age, U could just page me
I know it's a rage, but it just don't engage me
I like the face to face
Do you want 2 do this at Urs, or my place?

It's been so long
Since I been with somebody
Like a million years
Now U're here on Earth

U're here, U're here

[Renato piano]

Somewhere here on Earth
And I like it, I like it


I know U hear me
Like a whisper in Ur ear
U don't have to fear me
U'r everything I hold so dear

I know U already love me
U're probably just 2…

Blog This

Clevawords is no more than extension of my ramblings and my very public screams for HELP!!

[SAVE A Womanist]
I continue to believe that transparency and some sort of public purging is good for my soul and also for the person that comes into my den or maybe more like a labyrinth, at times.

Ironically, in my days of searching for a career, something that would define me, I attended school to become a broadcast journalist.  From high school through my college career, I tinkered with both print and broadcast journalism always favoring radio. Never did I reach the goal to the dismay of my parents and that second mortgage on our family home to pay for an education which was ever directly used [not directly].

I've been asked to take this blog to the next level, to address harder issues and to work harder at expanding my readership.  That sounds like more work.  This is about the freedom to express....well..whatever.....

To be a true blogger, means taking on the responsibility of respecti…
In analyzing self, first know what is thy ideal. This is necessary if there would be unfoldment or development, spiritually, mentally, materially. For there is the body, the mind and the soul, and that which comes into mind is first of spirit, and that which the mind dwells upon it acts upon or refrains from, but the action brings material manifestations in material conditions. 5244-1 - Edgar Cayce


 a moment for readjustments

Can apologies come too late?

I received a text in the middle of the night. It was a simple apology from someone in the community I've worked with.  There was some strife between us but I was cool just to move on.

It was a very sincere apology and I accepted it.

I really believe an apology can never come to late. We must forgive in love but not in foolishness. Never return to folly but simply move ahead, together or remain separate, just forgive. 

Thanks for the text.