Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who is the Community? We are...

I love being a servant of the people.  I love being one who helps others. I love love love it. Its so motivating and beautiful to have the opportunity to share in the lives of others and help when you can.  I don't feel I get enough opportunities to work in the community.  I'm an administrator, manager at my day gig and the Executive Director of my nonprofit which means paperwork and BS most days.  Every now and then I get a call in from one of my HIV testers who is unsure how to counseling someone or how to refer a client or even where.  I jump at those opportunities.  I want to do more community clean ups. I want to organize a Saturday school.  I want to have a "charm school" for girls.  I wanna wanna

It is a beautiful blessing to serve and I wish more people would see it that way. So many complain about this or that in their communities by don't even see its within their power to do something, to make a change, to serve. We have to be doers.  The Christian bible says to be DOERS of the Word.  Where my doers at?   It really doesn't take much.  My mother would just check on her neighbors, sweep up the entire block at my grandmothers, etc. She volunteered.  She served.   Simple things that made a huge difference.  She taught us to LOVE and LOVE and then LOVE some more and to Give, Give, and then Give some more.  Its in my soul.

Finding a partner who believes in the same thing is so important.  The community has to always be more important than material things.  I just want to be financially able to take care of my family  and to be able to give at will.  I don't need designer anything.  I still buy most of my coats from thrift stores.   As much as my car is a blessing from from the Most High, I don't need it.  I need something more practical.  I work out of my car so when people see boxes of brochures, condoms, easels, etc in the backseat of this Cadillac CTS, they look at me weird.  To me, its just a car.  It takes me here and there.   I'm so blessed for it but its almost like  lesson.  Its really NOT me as much as I've always loved the look of the car.  As long as it can get me to my next community event, I'm good.

To be someone who works in the community, you must have hope in the people. You must believe in their willingness to make life better and sometimes that is hard but it is necessary.  Patience is a must.  It can be a long ride but its a good one.  Once again, I'm so thankful that God has put this on my heart.  I truly desire to do more and I admire those who have the opportunities to take service to the next level.  All parts are important so I'm still grateful. 

I AM the Community.  U are too.

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