Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog This

Clevawords is no more than extension of my ramblings and my very public screams for HELP!!

[SAVE A Womanist]

I continue to believe that transparency and some sort of public purging is good for my soul and also for the person that comes into my den or maybe more like a labyrinth, at times.

Ironically, in my days of searching for a career, something that would define me, I attended school to become a broadcast journalist.  From high school through my college career, I tinkered with both print and broadcast journalism always favoring radio. Never did I reach the goal to the dismay of my parents and that second mortgage on our family home to pay for an education which was ever directly used [not directly].

I've been asked to take this blog to the next level, to address harder issues and to work harder at expanding my readership.  That sounds like more work.  This is about the freedom to express....well..whatever.....

To be a true blogger, means taking on the responsibility of respecting the art of writing and even storytelling.  I would want to do it justice so lets stay in this place of convenience.  So maybe, one day, I'll be moved to take my blog more seriously.  For is what it is.  Just my cleva words.

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