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Politickin': Tale of two campaigns

Politics. More like a necessary evil in this country that claims to be both a democracy and a republic. We know the game must be played.  It seems the natural progression to move into the political area when one has committed a life to community organizing and activism. Personally, I still think I have my training wheels on when it comes to community organizing/activism but I've still been labeled an activist nonetheless so I don't see myself moving into the political arena anytime soon. 

This is not about me but two candidates running for office; Jose` Evans and Kevin Powell.  Very different approaches but similar goals.

Mayoral Candidate - Jose` Evans

I met Jose` Evans at the Food Independence event last year. Food substainabilty, food safety, and the slow food movement are issues we both share.  Later, I received a call that Jose wanted to meet with me.  I was a little surprised but met with Jose about his candidacy for Mayor of Indianapolis.  I was impressed with his confidence.  Indianapolis is a conservative city. Are we ready for an African American/Hispanic mayor?

The Evans for Mayor campaign is in full swing with volunteers canvassing and hitting the streets on Saturday mornings to reach out to the various communities in Indianapolis. If you know anything about Indianapolis, neighborhoods are at the heart of our city and with insight,  Jose` understands that the campaign must go to the people.   Education is a priority for Jose` with Indianapolis Public Schools suffering from major budget cuts and one of the lowest graduation rates in the Midwest. Jose` wants change for Indianapolis.

I've volunteered my time to make calls and to attend "Women for Evans" meetings.   I'm sure there's more involvement that I should make and possibly will in the near future. 

To learn more about Jose` Evans, visit the campaign website:

Congressional Candidate: Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell is a nationally known poet, writer, activist and even known from his time on the mother of reality shows,  "Real World" but that was then and this is now.  Kevin is one who believes in community activism and loves to serve the community.  Oddly, I've always admired Kevin and from a distance, followed his work and writings.  In 2008, Kevin stepped into the political game by running for the 10th Congressional district in Brooklyn.  Once again, he is running for office and we believe, he will win this year.

In a difference approach, Kevin has allowed the community at large to take part in his campaign.  One can volunteer for his campaign, no matter your location.  The Kevin Powell for Congress has strategically used social networking and marketing to invite progressives from across the country to be a part of his run for Congress.  Refreshing.  The campaign staff is impressive, organized, and friendly.  His political platform is relevant and Kevin is clearly a voice for the Hip Hop generation whose time as come to take its place as leaders in communities across the country.

This summer I will volunteer in Brooklyn for the campaign. I look for to this opportunity.

To learn more about Kevin Powell, visit the campaign website:


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