Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Prince and the Analog Girl

how do i love thee? let me count the ways
anyone who knows me
anyone who pays attention
they know.

i am a music lover
i love prince
i love erykah badu

these two are my life force
and how ironic, again they are here
at the same time
on the public stage
for me

what is rhon talking about?
in 2004
these two artist saved my sanity
it was the year my mom transcended
and the first year i was unemployed

i had tickets to see erykah months in advance
never thinking my mother dearest would go away

how fitting
erykah was pregnant with puma
her spirit was calm
she rubbed her belly throughout the show
I weeped
the show was the day before mom's funeral
i was thankful for this divine order

it was also the 20th anniversary of purple rain
prince had released musicology
and was a media whore 
and i was loving him on the stroll

grammys, musicology tv specials, 
and the live concert of the first show
of the tour
i experienced them all
and then i had the opportunity to see 
him at madison square garden
god loves me

a couple of months later my cousin 
comes home from nyc
she missed the new york show
she got us floor seats for the indy show
god loves me

it was divine therapy

music heals
they touch me
my musical yin and yang

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