Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes......

Had a conversation with God this morning. I generally just call on GOD, not Jesus, Yeshua, Oshun, The Light, Ra, Jehovah, etc. etc.  Just God and He [yes he] generally answers accordingly.

back to the story.....

I asked him, "What have I done to deserve this? I've been pretty faithful. I know some really horribly rotten people and they are doing well. What's up, really?"   Of course, there was silence. As soon as I asked the question, something came on television to remind me to hold on.  Ok. I will.

But I can't help but to think the other shoe will drop soon.  I feel a looming vibe. [looks over the shoulder] What is going on?

My co-worker enters into my office and tells me his "Lifetime" movie drama.  I sat and was like, WOW.  What is going on in the Universe? What is the imbalance?  His story mirrored mine. He asked the same questions. 

He also finds himself looking over his shoulder.  What will happen next?

Ok. Ye of little faith.  Right?  Wrong.  I would say this is being in tune.  I'm prepping.  I'm a realist even within my faith, I take what I see and then move it into the spiritual.  What is this chess board saying to me?  I do know my mind is playing tricks. Body image. An issue. CWUW. An issue.  My car. An issue. Money. An Issue.

My move?  My checkmate?

Romans 8:28

Its all for my good. Its all for my edification.  Its character building.  I just simply have to walk through this minor "thing". 

Boots get to walking.....

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