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Online blogging

I have truly gotten away from my blog. I've stopped it completely. I allowed time to get a way from me but I believe I need to get back to it.  My journey, like most journeys, has moved on like a storyline from a Charles Dickens book or maybe some Edgar Allan Poe poem. I'm not quite sure just yet. 

My growth is steady. My stubbornness has continued.  Acceptance is key to facing what is real and to walk in freedom.  I can't be free without an examination of self. I can't be free if I don't recognize the messes.  I can't be free if I don't admit to flaws.  I'm moving and living but I've still not arrived at the place of peace I know I need to be.

Gratitude will get me there.  The Blessings of God and his/her Universe are around me and I must recognize it all, in whatever shape or size.  I am Free and even more so, I am Blessed.  Gratitude must live in my heart at all times. 

So, will I return to my blog? Yes.  I think its necessary.  I still have my …