Sunday, June 27, 2010

Too Busy to help....

The Grind. The Purpose. Gotta get it. Gotta get there. 

Watching folks on the move and on the grind and its motivating.  As I'm on my on grind and finding balance for my life, its becoming very important that I life my head from the paper to look around and see how I can give of myself, my skills to others.  My experiences, my journey is never for just me alone and I don't want to get into a habit of being so focused on CWUW and other goals that I don't lift up and share.

Some are very protective of their purpose and others will even just take from your hard work and make their own. Sometimes our egos get a little large and we believe what we're doing, saying, and believing is more important than others or only will assist when they can see how it will directly benefit themselves.   I want to stay in my lane and give and share because its good for my soul, my spirit.

I will always be as helpful as I can be when someone needs advice, a suggestion, or motivation.

God as a plan for each person.  We have an opportunity to assist in the plan when asked but its always your choice to help or turn away from the opportunity that could bless YOU more than the person needing your assistance.   You have the time.

I'm never too busy.

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