Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who Am I?

Whimsically I begin to paint
with such artistry
In awe, you stand
as I add
reds and blues
yellows and oranges
not knowing you are my muse

Seductively, I begin to dance
no music you can hear
and yet touching your soul
My body
twists and turns
seamless movements
speaks of love
a sound only you can hear

Creatively, I begin to write
words leap to life
with truths unsaid
but felt
a poet inspired by
a reflection of what is real
passions you can feel

Expressively, I begin to sing
with my soul meshing with song
vibrations producing positivity
a smile touches your face
understanding my love
is real
never walking away from
the chorus of your heart

Who Am I?

July 17, 2008 inspired by Emmanuel

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