Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sydney and her cousin at prom

you scream from the next room
this lets me know
you have something to say
I just laugh
but ignore you
just to hear you say

What kid
What is it now
always a question
nothing has changed since
your first words
"Ma, does this look good?"
valuing my taste, my opinion
most mothers would be so envious

Jokingly, I call her a hooch
I tell her the shorts are too tight
I tell her she needs a tan, you yella chick
she then screams
I laugh again
"Ya look cute!"
I get a smile
and more chatter
another cell phone
she tells me
That makes 4-5 phones in 6 months
The resourceful kid tells me
"Ma, I can get a blackberry pearl for $50."
I just smile
"then get it!"
I say

Anxiously, she tells me that its time
mother-daughter pics
I frown and say
"Are you crazy?!"
my psychosis finds its way
into the sweetest of places
The kid demands
this must and will occur
and she is right
She is 17, her last year as "the KID"
as she moves slowly into young womanhood
I will always love to hear her simply call me


(written as she gets ready for Expo)

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