Saturday, July 26, 2008

Makin' me rest

I've been off for the past two days. GREAT!! I needed to get away from the gig but I wasn't resting. I was working on CWUW stuff. We needed to bang out a flyer for our upcoming focus group and I had to get it done. I had a chat with a dude who wants to do a tune for our website, just revamped, a little. Then I get an email from my girl Rashida asking me WTH was I doing. She reminded me the world wasn't gonna end if I just STOPPED and relaxed.

Even planning for my weekend in Chicago, my brain is on overdrive. Actually, I'm thinking about school starts for the kid in two That sucks. Yo, wait. I'm relaxing, right.


I'm going to Chi and the kid will hold it down here. Hopefully she'll remember Zeus would like to go for a walk or at least go run at the dog park here in the complex. Sorry Zeus. Mom has to leave ya with ya sis. You'll be fine.

Uploaded some tunes on the ipod (thanks Dj Rusty, go get some tunes ya'll).

Got my gear.

And I'm outta here....ya heard.

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