Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No backroom love

Neva a backroom lover
Proudly I swag your way
into the room
attention and eyes and whispers
poetically move in her direction
holding tightly
to their men
watching to see if they are
watching her
jealousy reigns
creative words become
her new tag
Who's the Bitch?
Who's the Hoe?

Desired in quiet thoughts
deep dreams
and passionate moments
Loudly, my heart trembles
in your presence
Her stride, like a gazelle
Ms Cool, if you please
Neva a backroom lover
Can't contain this vision
for private moments
They call her Queen
They call her Goddess

Like a caged animal
in a daze
My lioness
My one desire
is to be her
Intelligence surrounds
momentary conversations
given with smiles and wide eyes
Humorous and wise
confident and humble
her glow is Godly
my lust sinful
She is positivity
She is love

Neva a backroom lover
Can't be contained to secrecy
Passion, love, lust, truth, desire
can be her name
a young boy's fantasy
a grown man's dream
Envious of the Lion
who can claim her
has his Lioness
She is.........

July 22, 2008 Inspired by Men, Lust, Love, God, and me......

still needs work though....

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