Thursday, July 17, 2008

blah, blah, blah

Yesterday, I was bitching and complaining to friends about being overwhelmed. I get tired of handling stuff. My biggest thing is that I need a new gig. Question: Do I get the high powered executive gig and run some stuff and make the money or do I get a gig that pays enough to take care of me and the kid so that I can have time to do CWUW and other stuff I want to do?
I had a bunch of stuff going through my brain and I sat and gave Rashida an ear Full. She just looked at me like, "Rhonda, shut up!" LOL

Well, today, God just said shut up and chill or something close to it. Let it all happen. I'm letting it happen. Negativity will have to stay away. I see it knocking at my door, looking in the window and it thinks I can't see it but I see ya ass. Stay away. Rhon is rolling. I may have my moments but I'm rolling.

This week, I've really been looking at my community A LOT. I think what my problem is on some level is that I've been so much about RHONDA. Its been awhile since I've given any clothes away, volunteered somewhere, or just helped some random person. I've been WAY too selfish and self absored and rightfully so though. I do have stuff I need to take care of BUT I'm ready to get back to my first love, the community. I didn't realize how much of a people person I was until lately. I know I have plans on doing some voter registeration stuff but I am have to go do some HIV presentations or something. I need to reconnect with the peeps, God's peeps. In my office, I have something I made probably 7 or 8 years ago. It reads: The Focus: God, The Mission: To Serve God's People.
The original little banner is so torn, I had to make a new one. I'm tired of being Rhonda focused right now.

I need to do this and that for myself, the kid and CWUW and I'm very focused on getting the job done, yanno BUT I need to CHILL, find balance and peace in that I'm on the right track, God has this train rolling in the right direction and I just need to ride.

Lettin' it ride

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