Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Being a Good Girl

Do you ever just wanna be bad? I mean do everything your heart desires because we all know our hearts sometimes desires things that are naughty, a little immoral and could make your burn in h-e-hockey stick, hockey stick. There are so many lines I could cross and could have so much fun being and living in the moment but that damn sense of responsibility and having a clear understanding of why delaying gratification is a good thing. But damn.

I guess when you act IN your maturity, you can see outcomes. Being the good girl is hard at times. I'm a predator on some levels. I watch my prey closely and pick the right opportunity to pounce. The seductress needs to seduce but if you open the can of worms, its very difficult trying to get those worms back into the can. There are opportunities around me all the time. I love men but ya'll do make it easy. I can never understand a woman who is clueless on how to seduce a man. Men tell it. Today's woman think its physical. They learn how to seduce from watching porn. (gigglin') Its all a head trip, most of the time. (You'd think I'm teaching a class or something...lol@me.) Yeah, a man needs to be into you physically but a little bit of the right conversation can go a long way. It doesn't even have to be sexual but enough of teaching.

I miss it.

Seducing without following through is nothing but being a tease. Can/worms. Teasing is cool but only for a little awhile because that's boring even for me. Even though I'm TIRED of being the good girl, nothing is jumping off. (sigh) I'll be good until I meet up with "The Dude", right timing, right vibe and its on and popping. No man sharing. No booty calls. Its all limited. I'm not the chick but this good girl thing......for the birds.

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