Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Complicated Love

I spent the weekend with women and you with a group of chicks, the topic of men would come up.

No male bashing took place. It was just conversations about our wants and needs and the vicious cycle we all find ourselves in sometimes.

"In love with him, not in love with her, I like her but think I love him....."

I know the battle of loving someone deeply but knowing you're really not IN love with them. I know what's like to be IN love and not having the same thing reciprocated. I know about feeling lustful desires from someone but holding back. It can all be so frustrating. We all settle on some level. "This is good enough for now." Ugh......

Love in its definition should be easy but it seems so complicated.

Yes some of the women were a little bitter and upset with the dating scene. We did talk about body image, color complex issues and interracial dating. It was interesting to listen. All of Us trying to figure out this Love thing.

Just thinking about LOVE, LIKE, and LUST....

Basically, I want all three in a relationship. Lacking one, sucks.

At the end of the day, I wish all my friends all the love they can find. They all deserve it.

me too. :)

and God bless that DUDE...ha! :) Sending mad love to him, whomever that lucky DUDE is....

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