Thursday, July 24, 2008

Misery Loves Company

Generally, I'm good. I'm happy. I do have my frustrating moments (as written here in this blog) and yes, I need to make more money but I'm good. Everyday, I face what comes at me and fight for peace and positivity but people get confused with that attitude. We all talk about wanting to be happy but when some can feel that another person is genuinely happy, they are dumbfounded.

In the past week I've had folks say, "Wow, you are really happy" or "I can tell you're happy". At they say it with confusion. I learned the secret awhile ago. There's nothing wrong with being displeased about a situation but the goal is to move past the negative feelings into some solution. How do I make this better? I also realize that so many situations have been learning experiences. I understand God's hand in it all. So I look to the heavens to figure it out. You can actually hear me say, "Ok what am I suppose to learn or get from this?"

Folks need to stop trying to question another person's joy.

I'm feeling good about the Kid, CWUW, my healing, and coming to terms with certain situations.

YAY! Rhon :)

figure it out and get some peace.

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