Saturday, July 19, 2008


I stand before the second half of my life
with all the doors wide open
as God says that he will provide
I smile and stand in confidence
of this new day

What if Mom still smiled and laughed loudly
and loved me and provided hugs everyday
What if I was never embattled with evil from the Demon Center
attempting to harm me and the women I touched
What if me and the kid never knew hunger, never knew what it was like
to have no phone, no car, no home, sometimes, the feeling of having no family
What if I never learned to trust God with my life, with just breathing
Would I see the horizon
Would I see this new day, in all of its beauty and possibilities
Would I know that all hope lies with Him

Thank you mom for letting go of this life, a life you loved, so I could be free
Thank you Demon Center for letting me go, pushing me away so I could fly
Thank you hunger and strife for letting me move from being empathy to having a
sympathetic spirit, so I could truly understand

Let me see the wondrous things life can give to me
Let me move through this life in all hope, honesty
and love
I stand before this second half of my life
not knowing what will occur but knowing
it will all be ok

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