Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keeping Life Positive

Life is getting better and better. Finding ways to create positive vibes around me at all times and KEEPING life positive is becoming easier and easier. Our perception of situations, people, and life can be so off base at times that we make moves purely on emotion and not on reality and creating negativity when there doesn't need to be any. You may have eyes but may not be able to see....ya heard.

For me, its all about keeping things positive and on the RIGHT track even if emotionally, I feel differently. I need to keep the positive vibes flowing my way. Thank goodness also for maturity. Maturity lets you just step back and take a different view of every situation and make Positive decisions.

Where is all this coming from? There were a couple of things that occurred on my WONDERFUL night out that made me thankful for peace and a willingness for always being on the right side of the game or at least making the attempt to be anyway. I do fall short at times. Some of my friends know that I NOTICE EVERYTHING. I see little occurrences of negativity happening all around me. Its a gift (discernment) that was heighten by my ex. My ex used to grill it in my head to always know what is going on around me. Military stuff. So I notice people, looks, actions, etc. Any odd behaviors, I notice. I know when a situation or a when a person is negative. I'm not paranoid but I'll tell you if something jumped off, a sista would know. I watch people especially if they have been drinking and I watched a couple of things happen that could have gotten negative, easily. Instead, you notice and bounce it off of you and move on. Some things aren't that deep per se. Everything isn't a fight so you keep it moving.

Kept it moving. Positive friends helps in that. Last night was a fun night. I was great watching my "lil sis" turn 30 and being her authenic self; funny and lively and COOL. Its a good thing seeing a person so comfortable in their skin. Rashida is that and yes, Rashida, YOU ARE CUTE. ha! It was cool hanging with my new little crew and meeting some new folks last night. Positive people, doing positive things. Santos and the Saints....awesome group of folks. Fun chatting with them. Ericka...HILARIOUS, positive and too cute. And, Khufe, so thankful for the love, the hug and kiss, and the blessed words. You have always been so supportive of my words, thoughts and poems. I am thankful for our connection.

Last night was so full of positivity. One of my new friends was a sweet heart. In such a geninue spirit he says, "You are a very beautiful Black woman. Any Black man would be blessed to have you walk by his side. You are a Queen." You know when something is BS and when its out of a pure spirit. He expected nothing in return. It was in all honesty he chose those words and they blessed me and he was so :)

Keep life positive.

lovesign remix (teddy riley) - Prince

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