Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just some thoughts......

The ignorance continues....color complex.

Yung Berg comes out of his face to disrespect darker skinned black women. Nothing really new. Some want to brush it off as some young idiot but on the real, we've never gotta away from it. Sad. There are black men who will tell me that I'm pretty to be so dark OR that they aren't into darker skinned women but they could get into me. Believe me, this has occurred recently.

We know why this occurs. Question: when will it change? Nothing wrong with have a preference. Its natural but how do you consider your mothers, sisters, cousins and aunts unattractive because of some pigmentation and hair texture? I have this issue very close to me in my family and its really sad. Lighter is better, cuter. If you're attractive and darker, you're a fluke, a freak of nature. It really does break my heart. I'm raising an attractive lighter skinned black young woman who is well aware of young men who holla at her because she's light skinned. Its annoying to her and "Stupid" as she always says. Ha

She's learned that she is beautiful and so was her grandmother, a beautiful dark woman.

I love being darker skinned. I love my kinky hair. I'm no hair nazi. I don't trip on our women rockin' relaxers and weaves. Personally, I rocked my extensions because I hated beauty shops and they didn't want to be bothered with nature hair. Its all in the attitude. There's nothing wrong with kinky hair. This good hair/bad hair is so dumb. I've seen curly hair that's bad and kinky hair thats good. Just love yourself. Bottomline. I remember telling someone that I thought Alek Wek (below), the model, was so beautiful. I was laughed at. They said she looked like a star trek character. I just looked at him like...wow. He could see how beautiful the color of her skin was, or how smooth or her beautiful smile. I recalled meeting a maybelline model named Tomiko (below). She was another darker skinned woman. I was a mentor at a young women's health summit and she was there speaking about Lupus. I watched the young women, of all races, just stare at her. She was BEAUTIFUL. It was wonderful to see such admiration of this darker skinned woman. Now understand, I like my Bouncy (Beyonce), Halle, Lena Horne and my other beautiful lighter skinned sistas. Love them. They represent us as well. No hate on my part at all. Remember, the kid is yella. :) This situation has caused some sistas to diss each other. We need to stop it. This is why I'm always quick to show love. We need the support. We need to know we all are beautiful. Let's end this madness. I'm no fluke.

Nina Simone

Erykah Badu

Alek Wek

Lena Horne

Kenya Moore

Lauryn Hill

Tomiko Fraser

Vanessa Williams and Angela Bassett

Pam Grier

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Angie Stone


Dorothy Dandridge

India Arie

Closing doors
God reminded why I needed to change my attitude about a friend this week. Lawd. We will always be cool but sometimes, its just time to move on. The hope is that he'll see what we all see.

Friendships change and evolve and even end unexpectedly at times. We can't be scared to move forward when we know something needs to end. Otherwise, you'll stay in the same ole stuff. Keep it moving. I'm obedient. Thanks for the reminder. Closed. Peace.

I think I need a professional mentor. This is the thought of the day so I may change my mind tomorrow. We have the research project coming up, I still have to write some of the program design and narrative for the 501c3 application, we need money, blah, blah, blah. I brain is overwhelmed with ideas. I think I need help. I think. Go visit CWUW's blog. Its coming together nicely. http://cwuw.blogspot.com

We have Paypal account. Donate. :) donations@cwuwonline.org

Senior Year
YIKES!! Pray for a sista. Mommahood is overwhelming me right now. Its almost like when she was little (0-6). Just as busy and so much to do. I take motherhood seriously so I'm trying to make sure everything we need to do is done and I'm sure we are missing a lot. Someone asked me if she's gotten her senior pictures done. I just laughed. Uh no. Thinking that I will need to get a second gig for about a year. With all of that extras that are coming up, no child support (yeah, a sista does it alone for real), we will need the extra loot.

I'm sure I'mma need my village to help me out soon.

My buddy is kickin' the mixes. Go get'em!!!

Shake my ass
Looking for a bellydancing or african dance class.
Jim, I'm still going to do yoga. I promise (very soon).

Rhonda is out!

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