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The Magic of Music....

I was in the mood tonight of really listening to some music. From the trippy music of Massive Attack and Enigma to some Stevie Wonder and the Isley Brothers. The music has carried me through a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. I'm moved. I'm driven.

You know that a person has you in their grasp just when they start the first lyric. Marsha from Floetry, Howard Hewett, Maxwell....Stevie again. Wow. Tamia's "Stranger in My House" still can bring me to tears as if that song was written for me.

Then move to The Ramones even... there's the little punk girl in me dying to get out and just RELEASE...Rhonda is a Punk Rocker. :)

I'm so drawn to expressive people. I'm allowed to escape or to discover me in a verse, a hook, or in the simplicity of a piano with just a voice flowing along.

Its so magical to listen to a lyric that expresses that moment....its spiritual. Its meant to be.

I'm truly rediscovering my love for music again after a decade of having to let it go so I take care of others. I missed it. I can't get enough.

So let the music play and let it satisfy your soul, touch your heart, and take you into your dreams.

I closed my eyes and listened to "Footsteps in the Dark".....lawd. I was taken away. I embraced every image that came to mind.

Looking down dark corridors and wonders what might have been, something's up ahead, should I keep this same direction, or go back instead.....


see...I listen to more than Prince. :)

Black Orchid lyrics - Stevie Wonder

A flake of snow within a storm
A new way waiting to be born
In a world with need of change
A touch of love in fear of hate
A rushing wind that's asked to wait
For the promises of rain
A pearl of wisdom entrapped by poverty

She gives love with purity
Filling minds with hopeful schemes
To build worlds enhanced by peace
Draped in sparkling morning dew
She expresses life anew
From the earth beneath her feet
She is a flower that grows
In love ability
She's femininity

Black Orchid, Black Orchid
Why did they make you begin
When they know in time you'll find your truth
before your cycle ends
Black Orchid, Black Orchid
Why are you crying their fears
When the true reflection of you that they see
Is love besieged by years

She has touched the farthest star
Her beauty speaks of what we are
And her freedom makes us free
Her now is in eternity
Infinite to all that see
And her dreams have been achieved
Now there is a sound of laughter
Nature signs out her name
For the world to know her fame

Black Orchid, Black Orchid
Why did they criticize
When they knew your love could cast its spell and
consecrate their eyes
Black Orchid, Black Orchid
Why do you linger in space
When you know in every heart that beats
You hold a special place
When you know in every heart that beats
You hold a special place


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