Sunday, June 8, 2008


When I was a little girl, we would go in my uncles room at hang out. He was an artist and he also had muscular dystrophy. I had 3 uncles and 2 cousins with this disease. My Uncle Junior was the only one who was angered by having this horrible disease. In his room, this picture would sit on his table. It use to scare us when we were kids. We didn't get it. Now, I completely understand this picture. I'm so very blessed to have it in my possession.
Its a self portrait of my uncle.

We all live in some sort of Duality, the good side and the so-called bad side. My duality is being the "good girl" and that "bad girl". I have a naughty side that does battle with the good Christian girl. They fight. They battle all the time actually and sometimes I have to let the naughty girl win or I feel insane.

I know its all about becoming balanced but it does take some work. The flesh against the spirit, good and bad, right and wrong.....positives and negatives.


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