Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moth to a Flame

August 20, 2007 - Monday

Fire and passion blaze through

into my veins, burning sensation rushes

intensity, desire to love me, desire to need me

longing for all that you've offered so freely to my spirit

fear sets in to remind me of a past thing, a thing that had me confused

had me lost, had me wandering, looking for the love promised to me

Can a heart be too open, too willing to love as if a noose is slowly being draped so eloquently around my neck.....

The provision of my heart can't be passed out so freely.....

I must guard my heart to guard my peace...peace of mind and my soul

The warmth of your soul keeps me drawn unto your flame....but impatient words burns at every touch.

let me be. let you be. Let me desire something deeper than an online fantasy with twisted words. You shun friendship as if its the greater evil but its the greatest gift I can offer you....

I release you to find the frantic love you I look for deeper stability and patience......

I'm thankful for the chance to touch the walk on feel the heat of your passion and I'm blessed for the wisdom its taken to know that this is too dangerous for me to continue.....

repost from myspace blog
Inspired by a long time friend

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