Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Pyramids

From my office window, I can see the treetops and buildings on the westside of Indy. Its a beautiful view. Indy can be very beautiful. When I angle to my right just a little bit, I can see "the Pyramids" near 86th Street. They seem so far away and yet I know they are not.

I was talking with a friend here in the office. She was going through some stuff with her boyfriend and questioning if she wanted to even go through the drama. Her confusion was she felt he was the "One", the man she was going to be with but things were looking and feeling the opposite. At that moment, I looked at the Pyramids. I told her to look at the buildings with me. I told her that was her end result, marriage to her dude (since that was her goal). I said but look at the trees, the streets, and the buildings before you get there. You have to navigate through all of that before you get to the Pyramids. Her face lit up and she understood what I was trying to tell her.

I did tell her though, she needs to be sure she had the right destination. Sometimes we think we are to headed to the Pyramids but its Monument Circle were we need to be. So many, including myself, make this mistake all the time.

I told her to pray and check her spirit and then head for the Pyramids, take a map, prepare for road blocks, street repairs, broken traffic lights, accidents, detours, etc. but you'll get there if you believe and have faith.

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