Friday, June 27, 2008

Pimp Game

Written September 30, 2007 - Sunday

Confident in my looks, my charm, my know....that thang
Seeking out more words to filll the
void that says I need you to love me
so I play games and send notes,
tidbits to move you
Charming muthafucka that I am, I
touch your inner being
caressing your soul, drawning you
unto me

Let me look at you, hold your hand
Let me kiss your lips as if I'm lost
inside of you
Let me say these three words, "I Love you!" with meaning and deepth
Let the secret be kept
that its all

You see, I need you to need me
I need you to see me, desire me, long for me
I will chase you until I know
that you can see no other
but me
only me

Once you say, "I need you"
in my twisted way, I pretend to be
You need me?
oh see, we are just...friends.
We are just buddies.
I don't want you.
Give me your body. Give me your time.
Give me. Give me. Give me.
Let me take the essence of your spirit
Let me manipulate and twist the secrets you've shared
Let me think of me.

My looks, my thang
it is my fig leaf
it hides my insecure self
it hides that if I don't have you longing for me
then who am I?
who will I be if I am not drawning you unto me?
I believe the bullshit
don't you?

Yes it is foolish of me to think you will not figure this out
Its shows my turn lack of concern but you'll be aight, right?
The unanswered calls, messages left to silence because you do not
deserve my attention
I don't want YOU....(sinister laugh)
This is about me, remember....

I've hidden the mirrors, no reflection
can I see
so until then
"I love you!"

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