Thursday, June 12, 2008

Repost: Bullshittin'

After I write stuff, it takes me a few days before I'll come back to it. That's when I find all of the typos, grammar problems, etc. (whatever) But I really like to take a look at what was driving my mood at that moment. I do think its interesting when people think a blog is about them or someone in particular. Yeah, sometimes it is and many times it isn't. Sometimes, I've had a convo with someone and it sparks something.

I'm heady so no telling really....yanno.

I have NO idea why I was pissy but damn. LOL.

Today, I'm declaring war on the Bullshitters.
Enough is Enough.

No bullshittin' around me. Don't call me with your Bullshit. Don't bother me with your Bullshit. Don't involve me in your Bullshit.
So, Rhonda, how do you define "Bullshit"? I'm glad you asked. Bullshit. Involving me in your insecurities.

Don't come at me with lovely words trying to woo me so you can feel better about you. That's some bullshit. Deal with your head trip and keep it moving. Bullshit. Liars are full of shit. I appreciate straight up honesty....100% of the time, even if it may hurt my feelings. Just tell the damn truth or shut the hell up.


Realize when you are on some bullshit.
Realize that you are full of it and KNOW that we know you're on some bullshit.

Its so insulting when you can see right through someone and they are bouncing around like they are fucking getting away with something. No, I see your ass. Go have a seat, really. Today, I'm tired of it.

Keep it moving. Go play in someone elses life. Rhon isn't the chick.
There's so much bullshit I let slide but no more.
Grow up.

Bullshit the next one......

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