Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am.....

I am.....

Charged with providing love to
the disenfranchised
hugs to the lonely
Walking through the doors of
the crack house to help
a mother change her life

I am evil

Kisses to the person
living with HIV who has forgotten
the touch of another
Let me sit with you
so your pimp doesn't
beat you again

I am offensive

Let me lose mother, job, home
car, phone, and family
and still praise the Most High
for loving me
Let family turn away
and brother
abuse is sister

I am faithless

My little sisters, black, white
and Asian
Come under my wings as I teach you my
wisdom, my love for God's people.
Sit with me daily and I will share
and love you as I do my own
I embrace all who you will become

I am racist

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