Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rude Boy, Prince, turned 50 yesterday

Happy 50th Birthday!

I love him. I hate him. He loves me. He hates me.

This is how this relationship works with Prince but nonetheless he is a powerful talent. Prince is a great influence in my life. He helped me to be ok with being quirky and different. I could see me in him and his music. This love affair has had its ups and downs but I still love him.

Like most, I have my favorite eras. Give me the "Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999" era and the "Sign Of the Times, Lovesexy" era any day. Now, this doesn't mean that I still can't appreciate and love the purity of Prince's falsetto on "For You" album or have my number of favorites from the "Crystal Ball" cds. There's so much music. You really can be overwhelmed amount of music that's out there. There are tracks I'm still hearing for the first time. Prince allows his influences to come through. Joni Mitchell, James Brown, Sly, Stevie and definitely Little Richard (Prince please stop using the black dye...just saying) all have had a great influence on Prince. I'm no music critic. I like what I like. I'll save the deep stuff for those who get off into that stuff.

If you're not a Prince fan, I don't understand why not. This man is fabulous. Grab a cd (other than Purple Rain....ugh) and just take a listen. He is a talent. If you're able to watch a performance, just watch him work. Unfortunately, you won't find a Youtube clip. Web sheriff is making sure Prince's stuff isn't on the net BUT there are times you may find something. Take a closer look.

I Love you Rude Boy, His Royal Badness, Joey Coco, Alexander Nevermind, Camile, Symbolina, etc. etc. etc.

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