Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cleva, Cleva woman

There's a time

some point in the day

that I think of you

your chocolaty skin

locs, long

reminding me of your inner strength

My mind gives me open spaces

to dream tempting dreams

of touching you

inhaling your sent

the way you move

you ignore me

and yet you've decided

that I will be your prey

giggles to another as i watch you

from the corner my eye

I'm watching you

beautifully black

a queen



I am the missing piece

to the puzzle that I thought was


When I close my eyes, you are still there

Cleva, cleva woman you are

to allow your wiles to have

a grip

motion me to come to you

and I will

in my mind

my thoughts

my passions

are surface

confusing lust

with like

with love

you cleva, cleva woman.....

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