Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby, I'm a Star!

I was talking with a girlfriend yesterday. We were talking about relationships, love, dating, etc. I'm single as I can be and that's very cool. My friends all tell me that I'm clueless of how I'm perceived. The term "intimidating" always pops up. I'm like...whatever. I'm a regular chick. I'm super cool. No need for intimidation. She reminded me that perception is reality and I need to understand my "presence". (shrug, roll eyes....ok...whatever). She says that it plays a role in how I relate to men and how men deal with me. okayyyyyy.

So we get back to this dating thing. I'm cool. I'm one to believe there are good men out there but because of timing, distance or we just didn't vibe, things haven't happen. Ok. Then she says, "Don't show up for an audition when the show has already been cast." I just really cracked up. Taking it further...or if the director doesn't even know the script. Bottomline, I'm a damn Star. Ok. I'm a Star that still needs some work but I'm topself, yanno. (i'm so gigglin' as I write this.)

If the show has been cast, I can't audition AND I'm not going to be an understudy. I'm Star. If you're not ready to cast your show, don't hold auditions either. Be ready for me cuz I'm ready for you.....ya heard. :)

A part of this conversation was about being happy within a relationship. Why do we hold on when we aren't HAPPY? I don't mean being content or that its good somedays so, I'll kick it but REALLY HAPPY. I know I stayed with someone for many years because there were good days. He made me laugh, hard. So, I over looked a lot of stuff. I was content. Content is good right? Initially, there was no reason to leave. The drama happened later and I think it started because that was the only really I was going to leave. God is funny that way.

But I don't want to be just "ok" with someone. I want to be charged by their vibe and energy. I want them to check me without issue. I want them to be ok with being my co-Star and I don't want them to be just content with me.

Please don't stay with me because "I'm cool enough." Ugh....that sucks. Or, you think I'm great but you're feeling like you need to stay because I haven't given you reason to leave. That sucks too. LEAVE please. Yanno. Be into me. Dig my vibe. Man, I've seen sooooooooo many relationships that are all about, "Well, she's cool" or "He is a nice dude yanno." huh? NOPE. Not for Rhon. No throwing me a bone to keep me happy. That's lame.

Bottomline, I AM a Star. (still gigglin') I'm casting for the role of lead male. Must be Spiritual, HONEST, sincere, driven, sensual (yeah its important to me), funny and Single.

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