Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Grind.....

Got busy again....good thing I guess.

Work is really WORK. I have no love for writing grants. Its 100% about developing a skill set. I've really had enough but I have to be strategic about my next move. Time for me to get back into executive status and run some shit. I miss being involved in the community, working with clients and seeing the outcome of my work. MISS IT!! I'm ready to go higher.

Me and the kid have started to look for scholarships. YAY for her focus this summer because I was worried and getting pissy. She has a gig, her permit and is back playing basketball. She's getting the focus back. No slacking. If I'm grinding, then she has to as well. We have a college visit next month at Ball State and we need to schedule a couple more. Need to also get her into a SAT prep course. I need an assistant. The kid is ready for her next step. Exciting!!

CWUW. I've had major changes in my board which is cool but frustrating. I have to spend this weekend writing the program design for the org. UGH. I love this stuff when I finally get moving. Good thing is that the blog is going well, working with a fab grad student on a research project so CWUW will have some data to work with and I'm getting major love from folks. The grind doesn't stop though. I continue to pray over the Org. Its not mine anyway. I've just been given stewarship. CWUW will happen in a big way. I'm so ready to serve.

Me. Well with the kid, work and CWUW, I do fight for Rhonda time. My brain goes 100% on taking care of us and our future that I have to still think about ME. I use to LOVE getting pedicures. I've had one in 6 months. I was getting massages regularly since I carry so much tension in my back. I stopped them and what back went out. I still take my alone time. I'll make myself watch a move or sit on the balcony and chill. I keep feeling that God needs me to chill even more. I don't have the Chillin' takes time yanno. I have a sense of urgency about everything. Stuff needs to happen yesterday but it doesn't. God has it all in control and I just have to remind myself all the time. He is guiding my steps. All things are possible with him.

and the grind continues.....

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